As reported by TechCrunch, Amazon has now agreed to purchase key assets in the popular media player and streaming service Mx Player and the Streaming service Mx player TV. In recent years Amazon has made major purchases on various content owners such as MGM and Imdb TV. The deal seems to be valued in the 100 million dollar range, Amazon will be acquiring some assets of MX player and the TV streaming service.

Most users in North America are aware of Mx player as a media player, using it to play content or with various third party streaming apps. However in India, Mx player TV is a popular streaming service with tons of Hindi based content. The free service with paid options will give Amazon a way to crack into the market of smaller Indian cities and towns.

As of now you shouldn’t expect any major changes to Mx player or MX TV. However, as Amazon has ton previously, rebranding Imdb TV to Freevee TV, you can expect some sort of name change and branding change in the near future.

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