My Android Apps are Disappearing…What’s Happening?

As of last week, Android users have started to notice that many of their apps have been deleted…or it seems. What actually has happened is Google play stores, Play protect has been disabling third party apps. Disabling apps essential makes them disappear, even when the user goes into settings the app will no longer be there. So no, apps are not uninstalling themselves on android box and Nvidia Shield, but there really is a fix for these disappearing apps. Let us go through the steps of disabling Play protect and returning the apps back onto your system!

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STEP 1 – Google Play Store

Google play store sign in to fix play protection

The First step to fix the new play store glitch is to go to the Google play on your device. From there you will have to sign into the Google play store with your own Gmail account. This needs to be down in order to turn off Google play and stop it from disabling 3rd party apps.

STEP 2 – Play Store Settings

Google play store on Android tv box X96 Max+

Once you are signed in, you will have to make your way to the Google play store settings. Depending on your device there is a couple different ways you can do this. The first one is to click on the Three horizontal lines in the top left, the second is to click your user circle icon in the top right. It depends on the operating system of your device, you will have to check and see which method gives you access to play protect.

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STEP 3 – Play Protect

Google play settings Android tv Box

From this left side menu (or right depending on the method) scroll down and click play protect. Note: for a device such as the Nvidia shield, to turn off play protect you may have to go to settings on your device and find the security settings and turn off unknown apps.

STEP 4 – Play Protect Settings

Android box Play protect settings on X96 max+

In order to get your apps from uninstalling themselves on your Android box, we now need to turn off Play protect. When you get inside this menu you will need to click the gear in the top right corner. If your device is showing this screen it means your Play protect is ON and does need to be turned off.

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STEP 5 – Turning Off Play Protect

Turning off play protect on android tv box

Once you get to this screen you will then need to check off some settings. Once this settings is turned off it should stop your apps from disappearing on your Android tv Box. You will need to hover off scan apps with play protect, from here make sure it is turned off. It will automatically turn off the setting below it as well.

From here you are good to go! If you would prefer to watch the walkthrough video it is linked below.

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