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Android TV OS 14 Finally Coming to Devices in 2024

Devices have been running on Android 12 for the last few years, however it not looks like 220 million devices will be getting an upgrade to Android 14. This will come with a number of new additions to the popular OS to both help performance and ease of use for users.

Devices such as the Chromecast and Onn 4k Pro box, also runs a version of Android called Google TV. This still is based on Android 12, users can expect a potential upgrade to their devices, however that is not always the case. Some devices will end up staying on Android 12, reserving Android 14 for newer versions of their devices in the future.

What is New on Google TV an Android TV 14 OS

The newest Android tv 14 version can expect a number of amazing additions. These will of course include the usual performance and security upgrades. One major announced change is increased performance for devices with low RAM. This means devices with 1GB of Ram like the Google Chromecast TV and ONN box can potentially see faster performance.

Improved app rows

This new redesign of the apps include a circular design. As well, when you scroll to the end of your home screen apps, you will see a new redesign button. This will allow you to quickly re order your apps to put your most used at the front. There will also be new AI recommendations, helping you get better choices for content you want to watch.

App Store apps now using App bundles Instead of APK

Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean you can’t install APK. To save additional space on your device, Android TV devices are moving to App bundles. They say this should save close to 20% extra space on your device. Much needed addition for devices limited to 8GB of storage.

Focus on AI integration in Android TV 14

If the AI recommendations weren’t enough, users will also get generated AI content descriptions. This will be personal to the users account. For users that typically can’t get properly translated descriptions to their language, this will help bridge the gap. Creating customized descriptions in the language of your settings.

Power reduction to help users save money

New power mode helps users set their tv and streaming to multiple modes. Setting a maximum wattage being output from said device while sitting idle.

New upgrade Picture in Picture mode

For compatible devices, users can now enjoy an upgrade Picture in picture mode. This integration can be extremely useful for users who have their security cameras set up to their Android eco system. Popular for scrolling while still being able to see the current playing video. Saving users time from moving in and out of apps fully, avoiding closing content.

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