CBC Gem is a free streaming site available in Canada that offers local Canadian content. It contains both live TV and Movies + TV Shows with a variety of types of content. This site can only be accessed inside Canada, however users outside can still enjoy the content by changing their digital location using a VPN.

Using CBC Gem Outside of Canada

Yes you can still access CBC Gem! Let’s go over how it is done.

Head over to IP Vanish – And set up an account. This comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you find you wont utilize it enough, Cancel it get all your money back. Save 75% OFF HERE

Ip vanish discount price for UGT viewers

Once you have your account set up, Head over to the PC install file to get IP vanish on your device.

PC Install IP Vanish Here

Mac Install IP Vanish Here

For other devices, Head to the app store available on it and search IP vanish.

Log in with your new account information, now set your VPN to Canada this will allow you to access CBC Gem.

Now that your location is changed you can go to https://gem.cbc.ca/ and start watching content!

Live TV and VOD Available on CBC Gem

CBC Gem has a variety of CBC Network channels from across different Canadian cities. The content on the channels vary throughout the day from sports, news to entertainment shows and movies.

CBC Gem live tv section

Using the drop down menu you can switch between 15 different CBC network channels. Each one will have unique content throughout the day.

CBC Gem Movies and tv shows section

With a decent selection of movies and tv shows you can expect a majority of Canadian content. This includes popular shows like Shitts Creek. \

Extra Features On CBC Gem

CBC Gem does have a variety of extra features to take advantage of. Let’s go over a few of the more useful features.

Create an Account On CBC Gem

Creating an account allows you to check out your most recently watched content. Other then that there is not much use to it. You can also subscribe to premium, however I do not find it worth the 5.99 a month.

CBC Gem account status

Kids Section on CBC Gem

CBC Gem has a dedicated kids section to check out. This is extremely useful for parents who need to throw on kid friendly content in a pinch. A decent selection with a wide variety of ages.

CBC Gem Kids Section

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