Lots of Hype with Little Reward For The First Chromecast TV Update Since December 2021

The Chromecast TV has been one of the most popular streaming devices since it’s 2020 release date. This compact device can often stand up to some of the stiffest competitors like the Firestick and other off brand devices. However, Google has really lacked any meaningful updates to the device, users have been hoping for a upgrade to Android 12.

What is in the new Chromecast TV update?

Lets look at what exactly comes with build number QTS1.220504.008. as per 9to5Google the ltest update is still on Android 10 and includes the following improvements.

  • Platform improvements to help some apps, with HDR 4K video playing and DMR video playback
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Additional improvements to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

This update will take up around 140MB of space on your device. Users can also update their remote firmware in settings after completing the update.

Final Verdict on The Chromecast TV Update

Any new update to one of the big streaming devices is a major win. Although this is not what users hoped for it seems to bring some welcome bug fixes and performance enhancements. However, it makes me think Google is getting ready to release an even more competitive device. Like how the Firestick does not upgrade its OS through future model versions. Google could take a similar route with the Chromecast tv. The Google Chromecast tv is rumored to have a new project name “boreal’ launch sometime in 2022/2023.

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