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Cuco TV Latest Streaming App Targeted By Media Giant Sky

Cuco tv has been a popular streaming app for tv shows and movies for quite some time now. Like many streaming apps before it, there is constant risk associated with running an application like this. Major UK media company Sky, has been in front of many takedowns of both application and tv box sales. Around this time last year, we saw live tv application Mobdro shut down. Since than we have seen many other application shut down voluntarily, most recently being popcorn TV.

Cuco TV Removed From GitHub

At the time of this article both the direct APK download and the official Cuco TV GitHub site has been shutdown. While GitHub is a completely legitimate site which essentially hosts repositories from all around the world, it often gets caught up in copyright removal requests.

With Cuco Tv being a popular application for users to get both free tv shows and movies it is easy to see why it may be a target. As reported by Torrent Freak, “With help from its anti-piracy partner Kopjra, Sky asked the developer platform to remove the site and the ‘infringing’ APK.” It would be Fairley easy for Sky to prove Cuco TV infringement due to their active promotion on social media.

Now although this might be disappointing for some, these third party APK seem to come and go. I imagine Cuco TV is currently working on a strategy to circumvent the recent action from Sky media. While I imagine Sky is working to do everything it can to shut down Cuco Tv and other applications

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