Direct Stream has received a Fire TV upgrade

DirecTV Stream is a popular IPTV service that has been around for some time. It Looks like they have now been added to a useful Fire tv feature. As you may know, the Amazon Fire tv live tab has been around for some time. This allows you to added all of your subscription channels to one easy to use interface. Some of the current service compatible are:

This now means Direct stream will added to this already huge growing list of compatible services.

Above you can see an example of what it looks like when the channels are loaded. Users can remove and add channels they have the rights to at will. A much cleaner experience then individually going into each separate app.

As per Cord Cutters News – Here is a few things you can expect from the new partnership.

  • Recently Watched: Channels watched will be featured in the home screen
  • Alexa: Use Alexa to search and pull up the guide
  • Guide: See what is airing 14 days ahead of time

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