Since it’s launch in 2019, Disney Plus has grown into one of the premier streaming services. This can be accredited to the ridicules amount of content and content rights that Disney owns. For Disney Fans this has been a dream. Disney has now announced that it will be launching an Ad-Supported tier in the US starting on December 8th.

What is an Ad-Support Teir

In Streaming, An Ad-support tier typically contains the exact same content as the full subscription. However, users are required to watch ads to watch content. Usually this is just a pre-roll ad or two, it is yet to be seen how many Disney Plus will stick in their service. It is a way for Disney to make up the discounted cost that they are offering their users (or make more).

What are the new prices?

With the new Ad-supported Tier rolling in at $7.99 USD this is taking the exact place of the old cost of Disney plus. Essentially users will be paying the same price they paid for before the ads were integrated. Coming with this also includes a major increase to their base pricing level with no ads when streaming. Down below is a detailed chart courtesy of AFTV news detailing all the potential changes.

Disney+ (Ads)N/A$7.99N/AN/A12/8/2022
Disney+ (No Ads)$7.99$10.99$79.99$109.9912/8/2022
Hulu (Ads)$6.99$7.99$69.99$79.9910/10/2022
Hulu (No Ads)$12.99$14.99N/AN/A10/10/2022
ESPN+ (Ads)$6.99$9.99$69.99$99.998/23/2022

Is Disney Plus New Ad-Supported Tier a Negative?

In my mind it absolutely is. Streaming services have gotten very good throughout the years of making sneaky increases to their services almost on a yearly basis. Back when Netflix was the only service, it was not as big of a deal. Now with every content maker basically running their own service, you are almost forced to buy multiple services. The basic response is “Still cheaper than cable” Although probably true streaming, is a very valuable and profitable for companies.

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