Popular app Downloader has been removed from the Google Play Store – Here is why

Last Friday the downloader app was removed from the Google Play store due to a DMCA claim. I first became aware of this from AFTV news official twitter account.

To break it down. A service called Isreal TV i.e Coil tv, which is the official service of Isreal. Filed a DMCA claim on the downloader app for the ability to load piracy websites. If this sounds like a ridicules claim…it is.

Downloader is essentially just a web browser. It holds most of the same functions as Firefox or Google Chrome. The only difference? It prompts downloads, making it one step easier for users to sideload devices. However the DMCA claim does not even mention this. Instead, the mere ability to browse a piracy website seems to be the issue.

How can I install Downloader on Android Devices Now?

Although a little difficult at the moment, downloader can still be installed the traditional method. I will be creating a full walkthrough guide for all your devices from start to finish. In the mean time I have linked the APK download file down below. If you know how to sideload your device this is a simple APK file that can be installed on any devices

Downloader click here

Will Downloader be Back in the Google Play Store?

This is impossible to know for sure. Although this is seemingly an easy case to solve, DMCA claims are never simple. Often it is on the defendant to prove that their app does no violate any possible copyright content. However, this can often be expensive and tough to do. This is a great example of big media going after the little guy again with no ground to stand on. Will they get in trouble? most likely not.

If you want to watch my video breakdown of the situation, I have linked it down below for you to view.

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