The years of super complicated security systems are in the past. In the last few years we have seen a ton of smart camera systems hit the market. But known offer as many features as the Smart cameras that EZVIZ offers. Today we will be looking at the EZVIZ C6 a simple solution to at home security and peace of mind. This camera comes with some unique features such as 2K+ video quality, Human and pet detection and auto zoom technology.

Unboxing The EZVIZ C6

The EZVIZ C6 comes with a few simple accessories to get started. The camera comes in simple packaging and is well protected.

Included in the box is the Following:

  • EZVIZ C6 Camera
  • Extra long Cord
  • Power Block
  • Mount & Screw Template
  • Instruction guide

The overall quality of the camera is A+. It swivels with easy and can move almost a full 360 degrees to capture the whole room. It is small enough where you can have it on almost any standard surface you would find in a room. One of the things I can really appreciate is the length of the power cord. Although this is not a wireless camera, EZVIZ has your back. The power cable is long enough to reach around the room, almost guaranteeing you will have a plug in nearby. Don’t have a surface for the EZVIZ camera? No problem! It comes with a simple mounting system so you can set it up on your roof our of the way.

Setting Up The EZVIZ C6 Smart AI Camera

The EZVIZ C6 is very easy to setup and only requires a few small steps. Follow the below guide or watch the full video linked at the bottom of the article!

Step 1: Turn On The EZVIZ C6


Take the power cord and power block and plug it into the EZVIZ. Once you hear “Device is ready to connect” You can move onto step 2.

Step 2: Download The EZVIZ App

EZVIZ app on IOS

On your Android or IOS device go to the App store and download the EZVIZ app.

Step 3: Add A Device

Add device button

In the top right corner of the app click the + button. From there press “add device” option.

Step 4: Scan Your EZVIZ QR Code

QR code scanner

Every EZVIZ device comes with a QR code located on the device or on the setup manual. Scan the QR code with the EZVIZ QR scanner.

Step 5: Connect To Your WIFI

Wifi prompt on the EZVIZ app

It will now prompt you to connect your WIFI. Just simply select your network and enter your password!

Step 6: Set Your Device Name & Location

Device location / Name

From here you can name your device whatever you would like. For example some of my EZVIZ cameras are set as – Deck, Kitchen and Living room. This makes it easy for me to select which camera I want to view.

EZVIZ C6 Smart AI Camera Features

The EZVIZ C6 comes pack loaded with every feature you could imagine. Starting with the basics –

  • 360 Degree movement
  • Up and down Tilt
  • Cloud and SD expandable storage

With the EZVIZ range of motion users can catch every inch of the room. Leaving very few dead spots possible. It also comes with 7 days of the EZVIZ cloud storage and Expandable storage via SD card slot.

On top of these features the EZVIZ also has some amazing AI technology that is used in a few different ways.

Different AI features on the EZVIZ

There are 5 different features that you can turn on for the EZVIZ C6.

  • Image change detection
  • Human Shape detection
  • Pets Detection
  • Abnormal Sound sensing
  • Gesture recognition

Out of all these features, there are two I found extremely useful for my house. The first being Pet detection. I was able to get loads of great clips to look at while I was gone for the day. The EZVIZ C6 caught a ton of memorable moments on camera and stored them directly in the Cloud storage. The second was the gesture recognition. This handy feature called me anytime a user waves their hand in front. This way I can have a two way conversation with whoever is on the other end.

Final Thoughts

The EZVIZ is a great overall indoor camera that is both affordable and functional. It can be used in all sorts of rooms but I would say works best for large rooms that require multiple different view points. If you would like to get the EZVIZ C6 you can purchase it here.

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