While using some third party apps with the Fire tv stick access to certain areas can be difficult. This is because the application interface is not optimized with the Firestick OS. That makes it very difficult and sometimes impossible to use these applications.

Fear not! This is a complete guide on how to add a mouse pointer on your Fire device screen which is completely useable with just your Firestick remote. This guide should work for the following devices

Follow the simple steps below to start using this application on your Fire tv device!

Step 1: Firestick Settings

My Fire TV Setting

Go to the Settings (gear tab) on your Fire tv device. Find the My Fire TV tab and click on it to access advanced settings.

Step 2: Developer Options

Developer Options on Fire tv stick

Find developer options and click on it.

Step 3: ADB Debugging

Turn On ADB Debugging

Make sure ADB Debugging is turned ON and Apps from Unknown sources. This will allow you to successfully install and use the Mouse toggle app on your Firestick.

Step 4: Amazon Appstore

Firestick app store

Now you need to access the Amazon app store in order to get the browser app needed to install third party apps on your Fire device.

Step 5: Search for Downloader

Downloader app for Firestick

Go to the search bar and type in “Downloader.” This is an orange browser app showed above which allows you to easily install applications on your Fire device.

Step 6: Open Downloader

Downloader main screen
Main downloader screen

Once you are inside the downloader app, scroll over to the “Enter a URL or Search Term” and click on it to search.

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Step 7: Type In Downloader Code

Downloader code for Upgrade Guy
Downloader code for Upgrade Guy

I have made it easy for users to access my Websites download page to easily get tons of applications for your device. Type in the code 773820 and press GO.

Step 8: Upgrade Guy Download Page

Upgradeguy.com download page

You will now have access to my Websites download page. This will give you access to tons of apps over time (as they are added) if you click on the three lines in the top right corner you can add this page to Downloaders “favorites.” From here click on the Current “Mouse Toggle apk” under the Firestick section.

Step 9: Install

Installing mouse toggle app
installing Mouse toggle

After a few moments the mouse mode app install file will pop up on screen. Press install.

Step 10: Click Open

Open mouse toggle app apk
Open Mouse toggle app

Once the app is installed you will now get the prompt to access it. Click open to start using the Firestick Mouse toggle application.

Step 11: Loading the app

Main screen for mouse toggle app
Interface for Mouse toggle Firestick app

Inside the app you will be able to change a few settings. This includes deciding if you want the app to automatically start when you turn on your device. After a few moments the app will activate.

Step 12: Test the App

testing firestick mouse toggle
testing mouse toggle

Open up an application in order to test the mouse toggle. Press the Play/pause button twice in order to activate the mouse toggle for FireTV. You should now see a lit up halo circle on screen. You can move the mouse around by using the directional keys, pressing the enter button to activate. To exit mouse mode press the back button or quickly press the volume up then volume down keys.

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