One of the more frustrating aspects of the Amazon Firestick is the limited nature of the amount off apps inside of the store. The main reason for this is Amazon, wants to control what applications are inside of their store. Some people would argue this is censorship, Amazon is corner the market on a device that will be one of the most bought in the next 10 years. This is very similar to how Apple approaches their app store, controlling what can and can’t be processed on it. I have had lots of questions as to if you can put the full Google play store onto Firestick or Fire Tablet. The answer is yes….sort of. Although you can’t get the official play store on Fire devices, there are third party app stores that do essentially the exact same thing. So in this tutorial I am going to show you how to install third party app stores, one being a direct Google play store replica, directly on your Amazon Firestick, Fire Tablet or Fire cube.

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STEP 1: Install Downloader from Amazon App Store

Downloader is an easy to use Firestick Web Browser

Go to the Amazon App Store. On the new Firestick 3rd generation this can be found in the find section. Search for “Downloader”. From there click install, once it is installed do NOT open it up right away.

STEP 2: Go To Firestick Settings

Amazon Firestick settings – My Fire TV

Go to settings on your Firestick, Fire Tablet or Fire Cube, Depending on your device the process of getting to settings may be slightly different. Once inside click on My Fire TV.

STEP 3: Install Unknown Apps On Firestick

Allowing Unknown Apps On Firestick

Once you are inside of Unknown apps on Firestick, scroll down and select install unknown apps. This will bring you to one more menu.

STEP 4: Turning On Downloader Unknown Sources

Turning on Unknown Sources For Downloader Installations

Simple & Easy, Click on Downloader and ensure it read “ON” underneath once you click on it.

STEP 5: Open Downloader On Firestick

Open The Downloader App that was installed earlier on your Firestick

Go to your apps section on your Firestick and find the Downloader app that was installed earlier. Once you are inside click the browser bar in the home section.

STEP 6: Search For Aurora Store APK

Aurora Store APK For Firestick

In the Search Bar type in “Aurora Store APK”. This store is a replica version of the Google Play store with essentially the exact same apps and functionality. Once it is entered, press the go button in the bottom right corner.


Aurora Store Install From for Firestick

There are tons of choices to install Aurora Store for your Firestick. The download link we suggest is, This is a direct download link for Aurora APK on Firestick.

STEP 8: Click the Download link

Click the download link on your Firestick screen

Once you are on select the big green download button on your Firesticks screen. This will prompt an install on your device. Getting a lot closer to installing the Google Play store on Firestick.

STEP 9: Press Install

Press Install to install the Aurora App store on Firestick

Easiest step to getting the Google plat store on Firestick…..Press Install.

STEP 10: Setup Steps

Setting up Google Play Store on Firestick

There will be a few prompts in order to use this version of the Google Play Store on your Firestick. Follow the simple press through steps to get through it.

STEP 11: Choose How You Log In

Google Log in or Anonymous For This Firestick App

There are two different ways to use the Google Play Store on Firestick. You can either use it Anonymously or you can sign in with your Google account.

STEP 12: Use The Google Play Store Like Normal

Google Play Store on Firestick

The app itself is very similar in design to the Google Play store. It can be slightly frustrating to use without a mouse toggle. I suggest installing a mouse toggle by following the below video tutorial on installing mouse toggle on Firestick.

How to install a mouse toggle on Firestick 4K

STEP 13: Aptoide Alternate Google Play Store Option On Firestick

Back to Downloader to Install Aptoide app store on Firestick

Aptoide is an alternative app store that works great on Firestick, Fire tablet, Fire Cube, Nvidia shield & Android box. To install it, go back to downloader and click on the search bar. Look up “Aptoide apk”, this will once again bring you to a browser with tons of choices.

STEP 14: Select

Install Aptoide Store from the provided link on Your Firestick

Press on the, this will bring you to the official Aptoide APK site for Firestick.

STEP 15: Download Aptoide TV

Aptoide tv for Firestick

Once on the Aptoide site, press the download Aptoide tv button by scrolling down a bit. This will once again prompt the install screen on your Firestick.

STEP 16: Install Aptoide For Firestick

Finishing up the install of Aptoide on Firestick

Like before simply move your Amazon Firestick remote to the right and click install, once installed go ahead and open the Aptoide store up!

STEP 17: Using the Aptoide Store On Firestick

Aptoide store on Firestick 4K

The Aptoide store on Firestick is one of the easiest ones to use. It is very clean and easy to navigate. Install apps with ease with just a click of your Firestick remote.

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