It is well known that VPN services can throttle your internet, greatly decreasing the overall download and upload speed. I though it would be interesting to compare five of the most popular VPN services and see how much they actually affect speed. Today we will be looking at IPVanish, Express, Nord, CyberGhost and Pure VPN and ranking them from slowest to fastest. Today’s testing will be done on the Nvidia Shield with a direct ethernet connection running internet that is capable 600 mbps download speed.

Control Test

Before we start to test the VPN services, we need to run a control test. This will be done on the Nvidia Shield while it is connected directly with an ethernet cable. This will ensure our internet connection is stable throughout the entirety of the speed tests.

Control test with no VPN connected to the server.

The outcome of the control test gave us an average of 560 mbps download throughout three tests. This is very close to my internet service providers (ISP) advertised speed. Now we want to see how much the 5 VPN services slow down your internet connection.

Express VPN

The first VPN we are looking at is Express VPN. We did a video on Express VPN earlier in the year because of some sketchy business one of their employees was involved in. So lets take a dive into how Express VPN service holds up while connected.

Speed test for Express VPN running on the Nvidia Shield

While the control speed was 560 mbps, Express VPN saw a massive drop of about 50%. The speed went all the way down to 327 mbps on average. Of course with streaming, the slower your speed the worse experience you may have. Still, with speeds of 327 mpbs you should see very little impact on your streaming experience overall.

Pure VPN

The second VPN I want to look at is Pure VPN. This is seemingly one of the most popular VPN services, with many influencers promoting the service. In terms of pricing it is one of the cheapest VPN services at around $2.05 a month on a two year contract. The app for Pure VPN doesn’t have the greatest layout, but does have a decent selection of countries to choose from.

Pure VPN speed test on Nvidia Shield

There was a massive 50% speed drop on the first test. This trend did not change in our second test. Pure VPN saw an average download speed of around 210. This is a massive 66% speed drop from our original 560 mbps control speed. This is getting into massively low territories, especially if you already have slower speeds. Lets take a look at our number 3 player on this list, Ipvanish


The third service on our list is IPVanish. This is the service I recommend using while streaming any material online. For IpVanish all of my fans and subscribers can get up to 70% off at any point by clicking here. With that being said, that will not affect my review of the service. I do get a small kick back when you decide to purchase the service, however only do so if it is within your budget. Ipvanish has some of the most customizable options in their app and also runs the Wire guard VPN protocol.

IPvanish Speed test on Nvidia Shield tv pro

Ipvanish saw a very similar decline to Pure VPN, but came out a little bit higher. Ipvanish does offer WireGuard which is a lightweight type of coding. In theory this means that Ipvanish should be keeping very high speeds. However this is not the case right now. From what I understand they are continuously improving the WireGuard VPN protocol to keep the highest speeds.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is one of the most popular VPN on the market and I expected high standards from it. When you search of fastest VPN for streaming Nord will typically be close to the top. So far there has been huge decreases from each VPN we have tested, lets see where Nord VPN comes out.

Speed test for Nord VPN on Nvidia Shield

Nord VPN saw a jaw dropping change in download speed compared to the others. With the control group having a speed of 560 mbps, while running Nord the speed dropped all the way down to 100mbps. This is about 20% of the original speed that was offered from my ISP. I want to remind everyone this is one set of testing done under very specific settings. Any of these speed tests could change depending on location, ISP, ect.

CyberGhost VPN

On the list of the Top Five Fastest VPN services, CyberGhost comes out on top. Now that does not mean it will come out number one in our testing. As I explained these tests could greatly change depending on your factors when testing. Lets see where CyberGhost comes out while running on the Nvidia Shield with a direct Ethernet connection.

CyberGhost Speed test on Nvidia Shield

CyberGhost did not see the speeds I was expecting based on the Top 5 ranking I found online. This does not mean it is not a solid VPN chose for your internet security. Now that we have all of our results and we have speed tested each service, what are the final conclusions?

Final Outcome

Our ranking is as follows:

  1. Express VPN
  3. Pure VPN
  4. CyberGhost VPN
  5. Nord VPN

Our results showed the Express VPN had the highest overall speed while running in the background. The real truth is that for streaming you do need a decent internet speed. A lot of people still do not have decent internet in 2021, that is where the issue comes in. If you have 50 mbps from your ISP, the reality is you probably aren’t actually getting that speed. With Wifi you typically do not get full speeds, running a VPN on top of that can see up to a 80% drop as per our tests.

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