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How To Save Hundreds On Your Subscriptions With Together Price

In the last five years we have seen a huge increase in the amount of subscription services available. This is not just happening in the streaming category with services such as Netflix, Disney Plus and HBO Max, But also with gaming, cloud storage and so much more. Although this has brought a lot of choice to potential consumers, it has turned into $100’s of dollars a month. So lets talk about how to save money on subscription services.

Fear not! Today we will be talking about a service called Together Price. This is a new way to share the cost of a subscription with family, friends or in some cases complete strangers. No more having to worry about those family members that don’t pay their share. Together prices automated system means you are paid for everyone’s share of the subscription every month. Before we get into how it works, lets talk about the obvious question.

Is Together Price Legal In The United States?

The easiest way to answer this is yes. Together Price does NOT resell subscriptions. Instead they simply offer an easy way to share and split up the cost. Some of you may say ” this must go against the services terms of service TOS” The answer to this is no. Every service has different rules in regards to sharing. For example, with Netflix you are only allowed to share within your household. That means any Brother, Sister, Dad or Mom that lives with you can use your subscription. But, with a service such as Disney Plus you can actually share amongst friends that don’t live with you. With that being said, Together Price essentially operates like Venmo, making it easy to share subscription costs.

How Does Together Price Work?

Together Prices Sharing Network

There are two main ways to use Together price to save money on subscription services. The first is the sharing Network created by Together price. This Network lets you find others to share subscription costs with when applicable to the services TOS. In my video on Together Price I was easily able to find a Disney Plus subscription to share the cost with for only $2.99 A month. That price already includes the small fee that Together Price charges of $1 to each joiner. The admin, is the person who created the group and they do NOT pay the $1 fee. Overall I would be paying $2.99 to use Disney Plus, the usual cost is $7.99. There are tons of different subscriptions in the marketplace available. I suggest joining HERE to check out how you can save.

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Creating your own group in Together Price

The second way to use Together Price is to create your own group. They have made it extremely easy to find subscription compatible with sharing. In Together Price they let you know the cost, amount of people you can split it with and who you can share it with. From there you can simply share your posting with who you want to share it with or make it available in the open Sharing Network.

How Do I Get My Money From Together Price?

As the Joiner you simply pay your fees via credit card every month. This is automatically done using Stripes Credit card processing system. As the Admin the payments will bank in your Together Price wallet. At no point is your money locked in their, at $15 you can pull out all your money completely free of charge. Any amounts under $15 will require a small $1 processing fee.

Final Thoughts

Despite creating the video for a paid collaboration, I find Together price to be a great service. They have found a way to seamlessly share your subscription costs with friends, family and households in a safe way. Although this isn’t the complete solution to subscription fatigue it is definitely a great way to potentially save 100s.

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