A lot of users don’t know that Fire tablets can be set up essentially the exact same way that a Firestick can. This makes them a cheap & reliable option for streaming on the go. This can be done by simply installing Filelinked, making this process quick and simple. If you don’t know what filelinked is, it is essentially an open source app where any user can create their own third party app stores. This means you can bulk install tons of apps onto your Firestick in a matter of minutes. Now, this isn’t necessarily a jailbreak for Fire tablet, but in 2021 these open source devices are very easy to install 3rd party apps on. If you want to know how to install Filelinked onto your Fire tablet, this is the tutorial for you!

Fire Tablet 7

Fire Tablet HD 10

Fire Tablet HD 8

STEP 1 – Go Into The Amazon App Store

Amazon Fire Tablet 7 Main Home screen

The first step is to open the Amazon App store so we can install the necessary app onto our Fire Tablet 7, 8 or 10.

STEP 2 – Install File Explorer

Searching for File Browser on Amazon Fire Tablet

Once you are inside the App store on your Amazon Fire Tablet type into the search bar “File Explorer”. The app you want to install is File Explorer by Vishnu N K, it is a completely free app that makes it quick and easy to install APK files onto your Fire Tablet.

STEP 3 – Go Into Fire Tablet Settings

Fire Tablet Settings Menu

Once Fire Explorer is installed, you will want to go back to your Fire Tablets home screen. From here you will need to enter the settings menu so we can all installs from unknown sources. Once inside select Security & Privacy menu.

STEP 4 – Apps From Unknown Sources

Fire Tablet Apps From Unknown sources menu

From here you will want to scroll down on your Fire Tablet HD 10 and select App from Unknown sources. We are getting one step closer to getting Filelinked on your Fire tablet.

STEP 5 – Select File Explorer

Allowing Unknown Sources for File Explorer and Silk Browser

Once you are at this menu you will want to select File Explorer (You will also do this for Silk Browser).

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STEP 6 – Check Off Allow From This Source

Allowing Unknown Sources To Be Installed On Your Fire Tablet

From here you will want to select “Allow from this source. After this is down press the back arrow and do the same thing for silk browser.

STEP 7 – Return To Fire Tablet Home Screen

Fire Tablet HD 10 Home Screen

Return back to your Amazon Fire Tablet home screen, from here select Amazon Silk Browser. This is essentially the Fire Tablets version of Chrome or Windows Explorer.

STEP 8 – Go To Filelinked.com

Go to Filelinked on your Amazon Tablet

Once inside of Silk, Go to the top URL search bar and type in Filelinked.com. This will bring you to Filelinked’s official website on your Fire Tablet. From here press the Download Filelinked button. As soon as it is downloaded you can press open file and install it right from here. If your Fire tablet doesn’t give you that option follow the below steps.

STEP 9 – Go Into File Explorer App

File Explorer on the Fire Tablet 7

Back out of Silk browser and enter the File Explorer app that we installed earlier, press the download folder found in the middle. This will allows us to install Filelinked install file that we downloaded right onto your Fire tablet.

STEP 10 – Select the Filelinked File

Filelinked File on the Root of your Fire Tablet

From here press the Filelinked File – Filelinked212.apk on your Fire Tablet HD 8.

STEP 11 – Install Filelinked Onto Your Fire Tablet

Select Install app to initiate installing Filelinked onto your Fire tablet 7, 8 or 10

From here select Install app at the top of your Fire Tablet screen.

STEP 12 – Use Filelinked

Using Filelinked onto your Fire Tablet

Congrats! you have completed our tutorial and now have Filelinked installed onto your Fire tablet! Do you need video instructions? Check out our complete walkthrough video below.

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