The single most frustrating display any tv can show.

At one point or another everyone has experienced their android box keeps buffering, throughout this first blog post I aim to do two things. 1) explain what buffering is and what causes it and 2) offer up some advice on how to lower the chances of buffering occurring. So lets get into how to stop buffering on android tv box.

Firstly, what causes buffering and why does it happen sometimes and not others?
The most typical cause of buffering is internet speed. This is one of the most common questions we receive when asking about streaming content online. When streaming links the content will continue to play as long as the internet connection can match the amount of data going through. When the internet connection is not fast enough to match it this causes buffering which is essentially a long pause.

So what internet speed is required for streaming?
That is a very good question, typically we suggest at least 50mbps however, some customers have been successful with less. With that being said in todays day of age you should always max out internet speed whenever possible to handle streaming multiple device. Another suggestion when it comes to internet speed is to always use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. Often, Wi-Fi will have a weak signal or can dip in and out of max speed. If Wi-Fi is your only option, consider getting a Wi-Fi booster to help strengthen the connection. overall a direct connection to the box allows for the internet to run at maximum capacity.
Ethernet cable recommendation:
Wi-Fi booster recommendation:

Does the type of device cause buffering issues?
The kind of device you buy makes a difference in the overall experience you have streaming and operating the device. Two things you should always consider when purchasing a device A) How much RAM does it have, and B) what kind of processor is it running. In regards to RAM I always suggest at least 2GB, anything with 1GB is going to constantly freeze when trying to load apps. Android boxes go up to 4GB of ram, although it can be a bit of an overkill, the overall experience streaming will greatly improve. In terms of processor there is only one thing you have to know, stay away from the ROCKCHIP processors. Although I have heard that the newer models are better, the older rockchip processers had a ton of issues that lead to failing systems.
2GB ram box recommendation:
4GB ram box recommendation:
Best keyboard remote:

So we have those first two topics covered… but we are still having issues, why?
Streaming content online is not always the easiest thing and sometimes requires some trial and error in order to find what you are looking for. The majority of streaming apps run on free servers that can easily reach max capacity. That is why you may notice on some days links seem to load faster than others. There are a few things you can do to help mediate and improve buffering, below I will list some helpful tips to improve everyone’s experience.

  1. Follow this video and perform what we call a full power cycle:
  2. Direct ethernet connection to the box.
  3. Get a VPN.
    Check out this video for more info on a VPN:
    A VPN does two things, 1) It protects you while streaming online, essentially masking your location and making it seem like you are somewhere else in the world. In today’s age online this is a very important feature. 2) By emulating different locations it will open up new links, which potentially means less buffering. Some internet providers can block links from certain providers, by changing your location this can trick your provider and open up all new links.
    To sign up Click this Link!!:
  4. Make sure you have a quality box. We suggest something with at least 2GB of Ram and preferably an Amlogic processor. There are a few suggestions on our site and we will link more below as they come out!
  5. Lastly, get Real Debrid! This service essentially gives you more links on your apps and can totally eliminate buffering all together. Don’t worry you aren’t left in the cold, here is a walkthrough video for how to install real Debrid and what is does!

Hopefully this article helps to solve any potential buffering issues on your android box!
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