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How to Watch the 2024 Olympics In Canada FREE

Lucky for Canadians, the 2024 Paris Olympics are very easy to watch in Canada. Starting July 26 – August 11 CBC Gem will air a number of popular Olympic events with almost all day coverage. Although you won’t be able to catch every event, there are still ways to watch the rest for free in Canada.

CBC Gem Coverage of the 2024 Olympics

How Can you Get More Olympic Coverage?

There are a few options outside of Canada to access the Olympics completely free, Both 9Now in Australia and BBC iPlayer in the UK will offer coverage of the 2024 Olympics. However to access them the process is slightly different.

Using a VPN to Change your Location

Watching the Olympics in Canada on BBC iPlayer or 9Now will result in a similar message to the one below. So we need to use a VPN to change our location.

In order to start watching we need to set up our VPN. If you already have on feel free to skip this step.

Setting up Your VPN

You can get a great discount with the link below. IP vanish is one of the best current VPN on the market for unlocking geo restrictions.

Get an Exclusive discount with IP vanish using this link

Now select which plan you would like. The great part is IP Vanish offers a 30 day money back guarantee! this means you can cancel after the Olympics and get a full 100% Refund!!

Setting your VPN Location and Accessing the 2024 Olympics

If you are installing on your Computer, use one of the below links to install the official IP Vanish app.

Windows Download IP Vanish

Mac Download IP Vanish

If you are on a device such as a Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Google Chromecast TV and many others, head to the app store and search up IPVanish Install and log into your account.

Now we need to set our location on our VPN in order to access the Olympics. 

Watching the Olympics on BBC iPlayer in the UK

Now we need to set our location to a UK location.

Head over to BBC iPlayer to start watching

You will need to create a free account as well.

Watching the Olympics on 9Now in Australia

Set your location to any Australia server

Head over to 9Now to start watching

Create a free account an enjoy!!

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