In 2021 we have seen a ton of instances of 3rd party IPTV services, developers and other related parties face consequences for dishing out copyright protected content for others to stream. The lawsuits against people running these IPTV services have banked the industry anywhere from $14,000 to $1,000,000+ In damages. Although this isn’t new, 2021 has seen a increase of these cases with organizations such as ACE or FACT being the leading figures in the prosecution of these cases.

Shut Down of Supremacy Addon

As first reported by Torrent freak, Supremacy was a popular Kodi addon that allowed users to access free shows, movies and live tv without any cost associated with it. One of the major features of the addon allowed users to watch live sports from services such as Sky and BT Sports without having to purchase a subscription. The popular addon was originally created by 42 year old Stephen Millington a developer from Winsford. This led to the swift take down of the Supremacy Kodi Addon and the investigation of Millingtons involvement.

Is You Data Safe Online?

With the increased cases of developers and services being shutdown and prosecutor it is more important than ever to use a VPN while online. A VPN helps to protect users IP address while streaming, surfing the web or anytime the are connected to the internet. This means your data is safer while online.

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The Verdict on Stephen Millington

After a joint investigation from the police and the Federation against copyright theft (FACT) Stephan Millington plead guilt to multiple charges of fraud. This was due to him giving end-users the ability to gain unauthorized access to services such as BT sports, Sky and even Netflix. It is unknown how or if Stephen monetized and profited from the popular Supremacy addon, regardless this was enough to send him to prison for 2.5 years. According to reports Millington’s addon cost these companies a collective $10,000,000 million over the course of supremacy’s Kodi existence.

Is it Still Worth it?

In today’s climate I would caution people who are thinking of getting involved in either IPTV or the development of applications and addons. Although people will always try to profit by this kind of activity there are some out there that do this just for their love of streaming. Just remember that a lot of these companies are not playing around anymore, they seem to be getting more aggressive in their pursuit of individuals trying to give access to copyright protected content. If you are an end-user that are tons of free apps that allow you to get legal content without any worry. Check out the video below for one of my personal favorites.

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