Major App Blocked by Amazon

Recently, Amazon has made pushes to block applications that can interfere or reconfigure their systems. The first app to gain Amazon’s attention was FireStarter and FiredTV back in 2016. These apps allowed you to customize your devices home screen on launch. Switching things up from the boring Fire tv OS. This time around Amazon is blacklisting an app called Launcher Manager app which let you assign new shortcuts to your Fire tv remote.

What is blacklisting

Unlike in the past where Amazon has created updates that made apps useless, they have resorted to blacklisting this time. When trying to open launch manager, users may see a “Cannot Open App” Error. As pointed out by , blacklisting is most likely the process of blocking any app that has the same package name as that application. This may also include slight variations of it, however that is unknown as of now. It could be as simple as changing the package name to fix the issue, I will be posting any updated news down below (Or in my weekly newsletter).

Why would Amazon do this?

Amazon doesn’t just go out of there way to block apps. In fact, third party streaming apps can still be easily installed on firestick devices. Amazon seems to dislike anything that will alter the main function of their products. Changing shortcut buttons takes you away from their applications and home page more. Altering the homepage takes away your eyes from their many advertisements. At the end of the day Amazon wants you to use their device as much as possible…. how they want you to use it.

Thanks for checking out today‚Äôs article. The full video is linked down below if you prefer to watch the steps. Make sure you check out this article here on the new Kodi 20 stable version and how to use it.