Minix U22-XJ one of the highest performing Android tv boxes on the market!

The Minix U22-XJ is another master piece brought to use by the Chinese company. As someone that has used Android boxes for 8+ years I have a ton of experience in what makes a good device, great. So although the U22-XJ is on the pricier side, it has tons of excellent features that make this competitive in the best android box of 2021 discussion. So, lets kick things off by looking at the Specs and features of the Minix U22-XJ.

Specifications for the Minix U22-XJ

  • Processor: Quad Core Cortex A73 + Dual Core Cortex A53 Processor (64-bit)
  • GPU: Mali-G52 MP4 GPU
  • Memory: 4GB DDR4
  • Internal Storage: 32GB eMMC 5.1 Storage
  • Operating System: Android 9.0 Pie
    Unique features
  • Dolby Vision + Audio (true 4k)
  • Firmware OTA (future updates will be pushed directly to the device)
  • Official Netflix / Prime compatible: No
    Physical features
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • External dual band WIFI antenna
  • USB-C for data transfer
Prior to unboxing the Minix U22-XJ and the Minix neo A2 lite remote

Section 1: Physical Appearance

I write my reviews in four different sections.
1: Quality, feel and packaging
2: Device specifications
3: Interface and performance
4: Price and Overall value

We will start off by looking at the overall physical appearance, added outside features and quality of the Minix U22-XJ. You can check out Upgrade Guy’s full review of the deice here.

If you have used android tv boxes for a long time, you are used the the usual cheap plastic exterior that can break with one drop. Although, in 2021 most devices are well made, you can still get devices such as the T95 that are poorly made, yet enticingly cheap. However, companies like Minix have chosen to go the other route and provide a powerful and well constructed device that will last for years and as many high falls as you would like.

The device is constructed of a hard plastic on the top and a sturdy metal bottom. This newest Minix device rocks three USB 3.0 ports, YES, you heard that right….. three. This makes hooking up external storage, gaming controllers and keyboard remotes to the Minix U22-XJ something that can all be used at the same time! That may not be a feature that most care about, but when most devices come with one 3.0 USB port max, this is a feature that should be celebrated.

One of the biggest faults in android tv boxes is the lack of consistent WIFI connection capabilities. Most 5G connections are weaker than that of the 2.4G connections. This causes a giant lack of speed to the box, resulting in more buffering when using the device. Luckily, the Minix U22-XJ comes equipped with an external dual band WIFI antenna. That means your WIFI connection will be a lot stronger and consistent, even if your device is farther away from your router and modem. Thus leading to less buffering when using the android tv box.

The biggest issue I have with the U22-XJ is the stock remote that comes with it. Much like it’s counterparts, the Minix comes with a less than appealing stock remote that allows for little to no functionality. Luckily, by purchasing the package deal, you also get the Minix Neo A3 keyboard remote. This remote was a pleasant surprise and only an additional 10$ when you purchase the box off Amazon.

Score: 4/5

Specifcations of the Minix U22-XJ

Section 2: Device Specifications

One of the biggest factors for buffering and overall operation of the box is the specs you select for it. In particular, the four main areas I like to look at are the processor, operating system, Ram and Rom of the device.

For the MiniX U22-XJ it rocks 32GB of internal storage. Although low, there are tons of options for external storage, whether that is USB or micro SD, this could be expanded as much as you’d like. As for the Ram, it is suited with 4GB of DDR4. Most generic Android boxes are equipped with 4GB max or DDR3 Ram. DDR4 Ram has quite the speed improvement over its counter part. This means the Minix U22-XJ is a big jump over it’s generic counter part and gets a thumbs up here.

As for the operating system, the U22-XJ is running Android 9.0 Pie. With most new devices running Android 10 and some coming out with Android 11, it is a little bit behind the curve. With that being said, Minix supports OTA updates, which means that when they want, an operating system update can be pushed.

Score: 4.5/5

Minix U22-XJ interface and performance

Section 3: Interface and Performance

Most operating systems run the exact same interface, for example: all android 9.0 boxes typically have the exact same menu look. All of these interfaces I find really clunky, except when you get a google certified box. These devices, like the Nvidia Shield or the Mecool KM3 are certified and run a very clean looking interface. With the Minix U22-XJ it runs a customer version of the normal Android 9.0 pie interface. Although very clunky, it is quite a better look than most Android 9.0 devices.

Every box I review, I try to test for a minimum of 20 hours (time dependent). By doing this, I can personally attest to the performance of the device and how it holds up with extended use. The jury is in on this one, it really is an all time great device. When streaming I noticed a significant less amount of buffering than I did with other device, most likely attributed to it’s specifications. Now, that doesn’t mean this is your best streaming choice in terms of power, the Nvidia Shield still out performs this. But, if you want a different option, the Minix U22-XJ is looking like a great choice.

The last thing I like to examine is how fast the Android box runs your internet speed. Although android boxes can’t make your internet faster, they can slow it down if they are not equipped with the right hardware. The Minix ran my internet almost as fast as the Nvidia Shield TV pro. During my testing, The minix was giving out speeds up to 170mbps download while running on WIFI (my internet is 600mbps down). That may seem like a huge loss, but in order to get even faster speeds, you should directly connect to your box with an ethernet cable. If that is not an option, consider using a WIFI booster which can help you receive a stronger connection to the box anywhere in your home!

Score: 3.5/5

Is the Expensive Minix U22-XJ worth it?

Section 4: Price and Overall Value

When it comes to Android tv boxes, this is really the only topic that anyone wants to know. Is the price you are paying for the device worth what you are getting? When we talk about price related to value there are multiple things we have to keep in mind with the Minix U22-XJ.

1. It has premium specs, product makeup and design

2. It is Dolby audio and visual compatible.

With that being said, the Minix product is on the pretty expensive side. On Amazon, the Minix U22-XJ $159.99 USD without the Neo A2 Keyboard remote and $169.99 USD with the Neo A2 Keyboard. Now that is one expensive android tv box! it is priced directly between the Nvidia shield tv tube version and the Nvidia shield tv pro.

Even with it’s pricing, it is hard to argue that the Minix U22 isn’t worth it. If you are looking for a budget box, this is not the device for you. If money is not an option, the Minix U22-XJ is about as much bang for your buck you can find on the market. Overall it is hard for me to not recommend the device, even with the price.

Score: 4/5

Final Thoughts

The Minix U22 is a great device for any and all users. As a long time Android user, without a doubt I can recommended this device to anyone that wants it. If you would like to check out the full video review it is linked below. To check out our review of the Minix Neo T5 click here.

Final Score:16/20

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