Trying to find something to binge with the family this weekend? Maybe a new Netflix movie you didn’t even know existed. Today we are bringing you the top Movies to watch on Netflix for March 2022. This includes a wide variety of movies in various different categories. Make sure you drop us a comment if you find something you like! As well check out our YouTube channel Upgrade Guy for the most up to date streaming news.

Top Pick: #1

Back To The Outback

Starring: Isla Fisher, Tim Minchin, Eric Bana – Credit: Netflix

Why not put on a family show and kick off an evening following a crew of Australian misunderstood critters. The battle ensues as their life in the zoo befalls tragedy and they take things into their own claws, stings, and slithers to go to the outback. Get a big bowl of popcorn and plunk the family on the couch to enjoy this adventure and witty story of these little animals that are ready to live their own lives and get revenge on the evil humans as they head out on the biggest quest of their lives.

Top Pick: #2

A Madea Homecoming

Starring:Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis-Patton, David Mann Credit: Netflix

Along with the hopes of spring we want to have some fun. This is a comedy spoof and everything we love about a fun-to-watch show. Hell, it gets heating right up, first scene and you’ll be loving the laid-back comedy of life’s struggles right along with these characters. This is witty, and did I say funny, it’s everything you need to keep you watching and wanting more. Rooted in family and just living life while keeping ties strong takes work, devotion, and a whole lot of family dynamics kicking it off in this film.

Top Pick: #3

Murder Mystery

Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans Credit: Netflix

You can’t go wrong with this cast featuring Adam Sandler as Nick Spitz a New York cop, and his wife Audrey a hairdresser played by the lovely Jennifer Aniston. The couple, whom have been together for years finally get to go on a dreamy trip to Europe.

The comedic relief of being married a long time and the banter will have you laughing right at the start with it’s oh, so relatable relationship ups and downs. It soon bonds this couple together even more as they are thrown right into a rollercoaster crime solver – whodunit – one we can’t get enough of and are happy to deep dive right in.

Trouble slowly builds right from the start when the couple are invited onto a cruise ship by a charming billionaire named Charles Cavendish. It seems like a dream come true. It promises to be a vacation this married couple deserve, that is until things go south. It’s perfect for a weekend casual watch.

Top Pick: #4

6 Underground

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Corey Hawkins- Credit: Netflix

Action is at the forefront of this film and character is key. Ryan Reynolds is on our radar in this show as the characters ignites a battle only this team can handle, anyone else would be dead. This film is a vibrant splash of color, imagery, and action. It’s detail to the action scenes will be right up the thrill seeker alley. In fact, this show is going to appeal to a large audience from the action movie buff, to the crime and horror wish-listers. This one has solid coverage. A mission of an impossible nature certainly will not disappoint in this movie.

Top Pick: #5

Despicable Me 2

Starring: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt – Credit: Netflix

They are back and we love it. This is of course, fun for the whole family. This story picks up with Gru struggling to stay away from a life of crime and be an ex-villian. He soon struggles with being a “good” dad, especially when his over protective nature cramps his awesome dad style. Soon enough a major decision befalls him though when the Anti-Villain League that fights evil crime comes knocking.

Gru is up for the challenge as another chapter in his life and the whole family gets involved to fight. Gru pairs up with a lady agent to maximize their crime fighting and some hilarious quirks that Lucy the agent brings to the story are a must see. We end up rooting for this plot line, are satisfied with the funnies, and overall, it’s a flat-out enjoyable watch. It’s a good casual watch to throw in the mix of fun picks for spring.

I don’t know about you, but spring is in the air, chilly just means more couch time right folks? So naturally I feel some light and fun picks are in order. This list does just that. Later in March and into April we got some deep-dive plot intense picks. So stay tooned. You will want to check out those fab 5 picks.

As always feel free to add in some suggestions and comments. Keep it positive and grow our community of movie lovers. Until next time glued to the couch must have’s coming soon.

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