As of October 13/2022 Netflix has announced that they will be creating a new ad-supported tier for a price of $6.99 a month, the new roll out will take place over the month of November in a number of countries around the world. Below is a breakdown of what to expect with the ‘Basic with Ads‘ tier and how it stacks up against the more premium plans currently available.

Basic with Ads

Basic with Ads provides users with the same great content as all other tiers at a fraction of the cost, this tier provides most of then same content but there are currently a number of movies and TV shows that will have limited access due to licensing agreements which could result in a 5-10% decrease in content. Users will only be able to watch on one supported device at a time but will have unlimited access to mobile games and be able to watch in HD. One feature that is no longer available is the ability to download and watch movies offline since it does not provide Ad support.

Ad’s will vary in length from 15 – 30 seconds, depending on the run time of the program it will average about 4 – 5 minutes per an hour, which rivals basic cable. The type of Ads being featured will be targeted that will be relevant to a users interest, country and genre of product being watched. For users with children it is good to note that ads will not be shown on Kid’s Profiles.

Video Quality: 720p
Countries Available: Australia, North America, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, UK

Price: $6.99/month

Ad-Free Tiers

For users that currently have Basic Ad-Free and other Full HD plans there will be no change in content or account specifics below is a break down of the different plans and what users can expect.

Basic $9.99/month

  • Video quality of 720p HD
  • Streaming and downloads to 1 supported device at a time
  • Unlimited TV and Movies
  • Mobile Games

Standard $15.45/month

  • Video quality of 1080p HD
  • Streaming and downloads to 2 supported device at a time
  • Unlimited TV and Movies
  • Mobile Games

Premium $19.99/month

  • Video quality of 4K/Ultra HD
  • Streaming and downloads to 4 supported device at a time
  • Unlimited TV and Movies
  • Mobile Games

Is Netflix worth the price?

When looking at the content and prices for Ad and Non-Ad supported its hard not to compare to it’s competitors, Netflix is currently one of the most expensive streaming services and with just small variations between each tier it hardly seems worth the price. In my mind the new ad supported tier is not worth the price. They seem to be finding even more ways to profit off of users. Let us know down below what you think.

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