Netflix has always been a great platform for recommendations on what to watch. The platform gathers data based on which shows, movies and genres you watch. This makes it easy for users to find great new shows and movies to watch. Another way users can show they like a specific piece of content is through the thumbs up feature. Users can click thumbs up if they enjoyed that particular show, subsequently if you didn’t enjoy it you could give it a thumbs down. Based on your own suggestions the algorithm can give new recommendations. It looks like Netflix will be bringing in a new feature, the double thumbs up

Netflix double thumbs up display on both mobile and browser / app
New Feature For Recommendations

New Netflix Double Thumbs Up

In a recent blog post, Netflix has announced it will be adding in a new double thumbs up feature. Much like how a thumbs up lets the platform know you enjoyed that particular show, a double thumbs up will mean that it was a A+ in your books. This feature hopes to help users get more particular content that is more likely to be enjoyed by the viewer. This is a great new way for Netflix to keep users on their platform while ensuring they are getting very specific recommendations.

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