It is common knowledge that anyone who purchases Netflix MUST share it with their cousins moms best friends son…… but all jokes aside there is a wide number of users that share outside of their household. Technically, according to Netflix terms and service you can NOT share your account outside of your household. So for those that share their password with their brother who lives with them, that is OK. However, if you share with your brother who lives in another city, that is NOT allowed.

As first reported by Lee TV at Netflix in a recent blog post from Director of product innovation, Chengyi Long, is looking at adding a feature that will allow you to add other households to your current subscription. This will be an additional cost that could / may be reinforced using some sort of IP locking / password verification.

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The current trial is underway in countries such as: Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. Testing in smaller markets gives Netflix an opportunity to test how much push back they will receive. The current cost appears to be $2.99 USD to add someone else to your subscription. This appears to include a personalized password and account settings.

Greedy Netflix

Netflix has said that the reason for the tighter restrictions is to help fund future movie and tv show developments of Netflix originals. However, there appears to be some holes in their story. Netflix has lost more and more big name titles in recent years due to the development of other streaming services such as Disney plus, Prime video and HBO Max. As well in 2021, Netflix has seen record high Gross income and overall profits with an estimated revenue of around 30 Million USD. Although the cost of developing original content may be a higher up front cost, it incurs a cheaper cost overtime for the company.

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For me, if I can not let me Mother, Father and Grandma use my account it may make me second guess my Netflix use. Let me know what you think down below and check out our recent video update on this topic! As well you can check out our other social medias to stay up to date and see our giveaway section for the latest chance to win!

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