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New Onn 4K Streaming Box Released – Read Before You Buy

What is the Onn Streaming Box?

In 2021 Walmart released the Onn 4K streaming box. This compact device quickly became a fan favorite for a number of reasons. The device costs around $20 USD and runs the open Android OS, this allowed for simple side loading and all the official apps available. Some of the keynote features included the following.

The Newer model is now available for purchase, However the big question is if there is enough features to make it worth while.

What is New in the 2023 Onn Streaming Box?

The new model really did not see a ton of new upgrades, however, Walmart did keep the price point the exact same. Down below I have listed all of the new features added to the 2023 model of Walmart’s streaming box.

Switch to Google TV Operating System

The previous Device ran the Android OS. Although there is nothing wrong with it, the Google TV OS does seem to be a bit more popular. This changes nothing when it comes to third party apps, it will have the same capabilities.

New Amlogic S905Y4 Chip Added

This isn’t a huge improvement. In Fact, This only benefits users with the AV1 Video decoding. This is just a more efficient decoding method then previously available on the device.

Change in the G10 Remote

Previously the remote that came with the device had an HBO Max Button. Most of us know by now that HBO Max has now combined with Discovery+ to the new service called “Max”. With the new 2023 model, the remote will now have a Paramount+ shortcut option on it, replacing the HBO Max shortcut previously offered. This is most likely due to the Walmart+ Subscription giving you Paramount+ For free.

Should I Upgrade To The 2023 Onn Streaming Box?

I am always honest with my viewers and readers. The reality is if you already own an Onn streaming box there is no point in the upgrade. Although the price is cheap, there just simply isn’t enough added to justify an upgrade. However, If you are in the market for an affordable, great option, the new 2023 model would be a great choice along with the Firestick or Chromecast TV.

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