YouTube Vanced has been a popular ad blocker for years. This simple to use APK could be installed on any android based device. It allowed users to block those pesky YouTube advertisements, giving users a much simpler experience. Of course YouTube already had a way to remove ads via YouTube Premium, which offered users a premium experience with added benefits. Being as YouTube is owned by Google, most of their revenue would be via Advertisements from AdSense (All Google owned and run). There should be no surprise that Google would want an application like YouTube Vanced shut down.

Tweet from the official YouTube Vanced account

As reported by TheVerge, Google had sent a cease and desist letter which stated Vanced must stop updating their ad-blocker application and change all logo’s / mention of YouTube in their company. It is easy to see Vanced has a very similar logo to that of YouTube.

Companies such as YouTube want to profit as much as possible. Despite YouTube generating 28.8 Billion in ad revenue in 2021, they don’t seem to be ok with the amount off-set from Ad blockers. Despite YouTube Vanced no longer offering downloadable copies, they did mention the service should still work for up to 2 years. So if you have a copy on your device you may want to avoid deleting it. Updates regarding YouTube Vanced will be listed down below by date of news.

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