Rooting can be useful to give yourself untethered access to the Fire TV system. This gives users the ability to do a variety of changes to the Firestick, including changing the overall OS. On March 14th there was breaking news by AFTV News regarding the ability to root both the Firestick lite and Firestick 3 model. User k4y0z on the XDA forums posted full detailed instructions on how to root your Firestick in 2022. This process can seem very complicated, but fear not we will be doing a video tutorial very soon. In order to root your Firestick must be version or older as of now.

Android 11 On Fire TV Stick

With the addition of rooting on the Firestick lite & third generation comes the ability to add a custom operating system to your device. User: Rortiz2 has come out with the LineageOS which is an aftermarket firmware looking to improve on Android 11.

LineageOS on the Fire tv stick

Here is a screenshot look at the LineageOS firmware on the Fire tv stick. This shows users the version currently working on the device.

Google play store on Fire tv stick

Looking at the above screenshot we can see that the interface is almost identical to the Android 11 build. This includes access to the Google Play store instead of the Amazon app store.

Overall you should be cautious when rooting your device. Modifying or changing the current operating system can lead to tons of issues. Please be fully prepared to have a broken device if you do so.

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