It is no surprise when new movies leak online with either cam or high quality copies. Typically popular movies do a good job of keeping copies on strict lock down until the release of the digital or blue ray copy. As first report by Torrent Freak, the new Marvel movie Spider-Man: No Way Home has officially been leaked online. This includes an interesting situation where Blue Ray copies were being sold on eBay for $19 a piece. The sellers account seems to have been shut down at the time of this article.

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Marvel has always been extremely secretive when it comes to the production of their movies. Spider-Man: No Way Home had a very successful first week box office performance bringing in nearly $260 Million. The cost of the movie was roughly $200 million, showing the movie will have no lack of profits to share. The movie bolstered a extremely high average rating of 4.8/5 Stars on Rotten Tomatoes.

With this being said it is a bit of a surprise that a movie of this caliber has been leaked so soon. For the last while we have seen less and less leaks of big name titles compared to three to four years ago. Marvel will try to ensure this causes the least amount of damage possible. However we all know once something is leaked online it will most likely stay up.

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