A $349 android tv box…. Yes you heard that right. The Tanggula X5 Loaded IPTV box is $349, the question we have to answer: is it worth it? Unlike normal Android tv boxes which come with practically nothing on them. The Tanggula X5 is supposed to come with “Unlimited IPTV for life” For those of you that have followed me for a long time, you know there is no such thing. With that being said, today we will be reviewing everything from the specifications, interface and breaking down the cost of the new X5. Because I was unable to verify if Tanggula legally licenses their content through the Tanggula app, I will not be reviewing the IPTV portion. If you would like to learn more about that you will have to visit their site / read other reviews. Instead we will be looking at the X5 as a normal android tv box.

Unboxing The Tanggula X5

Physical appearance of the Tanggula X5

Unboxing the Tanggula X5 you will notice it is essentially just a normal android tv box. The box is quite light and doesn’t feel like a super high quality design. It has some ventilation throughout the box and offers a few USB ports for functionality. It comes with a decent size HDMI cord and a very poor quality remote. In all the physical design is basic and will remind you of any cheap android tv box on the market. As the saying goes though “it’s what’s inside that matters most” so lets take a look at the Specs of the Tanggula X5.

Specifications Of The Tanggula X5

The Tanggula X5 comes with the following specs.

X5 TV BOX-S905X3

CPU:   Amlogic S905X4 64-bit quad core ARM Cortex A55 CPU

GPU:   G31 MP2 GPU processor

Memory:    DDR3: 4GB

Flash eMMC:128GB/64GB(Option)

WiFi:    IEEE 802.11 ac/b/g/n ;  2.4G / 5G           

Bluetooth:    BT ;  Support Voice Remote

Moudle Plastic :    Black  Color

I/O: 1*HDMI HDMI 2.1 ,Support HDMI CEC, Dynamic HDR and 8Kx4K@24 max resolution output

1*AV OUT 480i/576i standard definition output

2*USB 1 * USB 3.0 ; 1*USB 2.0

1*IR Reciver Remote Reciver Connect

1*RJ45 Ethernet Interface;Support 10/1000M

1*TF CARD Support 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB

Power DC 5V/2A;

Lets talk about a few of the stand out features. For the CPU we have a Amlogic S905X4 which is actually one of the better CPU for android tv boxes in my opinions. In general I have always recommended android tv boxes with Amlogic chips as they tend to have less issues. For RAM it comes equipped with 4GB of DDR3 and for ROM you get a whopping 128GB. The RAM is fairly standard in todays android tv boxes, but the 128GB of storage is what would make it stand out. Other specs are fairly standard for most tv boxes in 2022.

In general for specs, this box would be considered one of the high end devices. Now, can this compete with the Nvidia Shield? No. Absolutely not. But in terms of generic android tv boxes, it holds its own.

Interface and Operating System

Android 11 classic interface

Lets talk interface. The Tanggula X5 run Android 11, this is very common in any new tv box in 2022. It has a very basic interface that will easily allow you to access various apps. This also allows for users to change up settings to maximize the streaming performance of the device. Because the device doesn’t run an official version of android tv, you are very limited to what apps are compatible on it. This means Netflix and Prime video run mobile copies which do not work great on the device.

The device comes pre installed with Netflix, Prime video and the Tanggula Application (among others). Because it runs Android you can easily install any third party APK on the device with no modifications needed. The Google Play store is available, however as I stated earlier you are limited to what you can install on the device.

Final Thoughts

The box comes in at a whopping $349 but supposedly offers you thousands of live channels for life. As I have no verified if the service pays for the license on the channels I can not speak to the legality. That being said, even with two years of use, this box would pay its self off. However if the application is not licensed and shuts down close after purchasing, you can expect your money to be all but gone. The device alone is worth around $80 when comparing it to other models. I would suggest reading other reviews and continuing to do your research on the Tanggula.

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