With work-from-home becoming the ultimate working norm, everyone is living under different dynamics, hence different working environments. While some have the designated home office and a high-speed internet connection, some people also have a disrupting Wi-Fi connection while they sit on the kitchen counter to complete the work tasks. Sure, handling the remote workforce comes with its perks, such as a reduction in bills and rent, but it creates an evident security issue.

The majority of the remote workforce will access the corporate network from a home router, which could be insecure, while some employees are dumb enough to work through public Wi-Fi. In all these cases, the business data is put at risk and becomes vulnerable to hacking attempts. In such cases, VPNs play a positive role in securing the internet activities of the employees. This is because the VPNs are designed to develop a private network across public connections.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that VPNs work as secret tunnels between the internet and employee’s device, eliminating the chances of someone seeing the employees’ activities, resulting in the security of the corporate information. It’s evident that VPN technology has been around for a long time, but it has become more popular in the last ten years, primarily because cyber-attacks increased during this period. Having said that, we are sharing the information on VPNs for businesses and how to select the best ones!

Types of VPNs for Businesses

When it comes down to the VPNs, there is an extensive category available, but businesses can choose between three, including fixed VPN, VPN service, and specialized VPNs. All these types of VPNs are designed with their respective ins and outs, and it’s important to outline which one complements the company’s goals. So, let’s check out what these three VPNs have to offer!

Fixed VPN

Fixed VPNs are also known as dedicated and static VPNs with which the users get a unique and single IP address that cannot be used by another person. Everyone in the company using the fixed VPN will have the same IP address, so businesses will be able to restrict the resource access to the company’s network. A fixed VPN ensures that the business is running on a single IP address, making it easier to have centralized access and promising user management.

In addition, a fixed VPN reduces the chances of the server being blacklisted since you won’t be impacted by the users’ activities outside of the business. Similarly, there won’t be any compromises on the performance since the external traffic cannot jeopardize the functionality. On the other hand, it can be an additional cost since you’ve to invest in a separate server, so it’s best to calculate your budget before you nod to a fixed VPN.

Specialized VPN

Specialized VPNs are integrated directly into the specialized server and router and are managed by the in-house IT department. This is the prime reason that they are popular among large-scale organizations and enterprises. When the VPN is installed on the router or server, it ensures to protect every device that is connected to the business network. The best thing about specialized VPN is that it works with every hardware and can connect a large population of people without needing system adjustments.

VPN Service

VPN services are designed to offer VPN functionality and features through the cloud and routes traffic through the VPN provider’s tunnel before it’s transmitted to the internet. The VPN service replaces the internet service provider. However, the VPN services are specifically designed for a business, making them only suitable for small businesses and startups. A great type of paid VPN service is IP vanish, Click the link here to get 70% off the service.

VPN Features To Consider For Businesses

Every VPN comes with its fair share of pros and cons, which is why it is important to consider the features and see which ones suit you the best. So, in the section below, we are sharing the key VPN features to look for!


VPNs are designed to ensure data protection from third parties, but it’s not safe for the VPNs to store the data. Having said that, logging is a common practice among VPN provider, and it has become a concern. This is because if the VPN is storing the logs, the government agencies will be able to subpoena all the data, depending on the headquarter location. For this reason, whenever you choose a VPN, make sure that it has a no-logging policy to ensure the information is safe at all times and no one can influence the extraction of information from the logs.


For the most part, the customers are attracted by the free VPNs, but free doesn’t always mean better. This is because if the VPN provider is offering a free service, it’s evident that they have another way of making money. For instance, social media platforms tend to generate hefty revenue by selling user data to third parties or using the information to run personalized ads. So, before you download and set up the VPN service, don’t forget to read the privacy policy and see how the user data is collected and used.

Mobile App

Mobile apps are incredibly convenient, and for a business that already has thousands of tasks to do, having a mobile app is convenient. So, while choosing the VPN service, make sure that they have an app and provide regular updates to ensure quick administration and adjustments.

Kill Switch

It’s needless to say that VPNs are5 not 100% secure, which is why it is important to imply multiple protection layers. For this reason, it is important to look for the VPN kill switch as it helps cut off the network access to the device if the device is under attack, eliminating the chances of transferring unencrypted data!

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