With 2021 just kicking off we want to make sure that you have the best possible device on the market. There really is so many choices, it is tough to decide which streaming device you are going to go with. Since the pandemic, consumer needs for streaming devices such as the Firestick or generic android boxes has soared! This increased surge, accompanied by a barrage of new streaming services has led to more variations of these devices popping up on the market. In this article I will be going through the only four devices you should consider. This includes the pros and cons of each device and why you may want one over the other. No matter your needs you will find your dream device here. Lets go a head and look at the best streaming device of 2021.

Number 4 – Google Chromecast TV

Coming in at number 4 is the brand new Chromecast TV that came out in 2020. Don’t be mistaken, just because this is 4th, does not mean it’s a bad device. The Google product in fact is a great, compact streaming machine. With this being said, I believe that as new versions come out, you will see it’s ranking rise.

Pros: There are quite a few reasons that one may still want to purchase the Google Chromecast. The size and slickness of the Google Chromecast may be one of the biggest selling points of the device. It has a built in HDMI cord that easily slips into the back of your tv and a small power slot. This allows the Chromecast TV to be easily hidden from the eyes of guests. Since this is an official Google product, the device has full access to the play store, including: Netflix, Prime and Disney plus. The device it self runs at a moderate speed, nothing faster than an average android box.

Cons: Oh the negatives, how easy they are too point out on this specific product. Lets start off with the remote, the stock remote is the biggest piece of ********** ( use your imagination) that could ever come with a product. I don’t say that lightly as stock android boxes have some pretty terrible remotes. If you are getting a Chromecast tv , purchase this converter that lets you plug in and use a keyboard remote. Now that we are done with the worst feature, we can get on with the rest of the cons. The device itself really just isn’t that fast, I noticed a ton of buffering and lag compared to the rest of the list. Other than the need for some hardware upgrades, the Google tv stands up well.

I can’t say I would recommend this device for a serious user. With that being said, If you are a casual user this would be a great, compact and simple device to set up and use. The cost of the Google Chromecast are around $49.99 USD, If you would like to see a setup video of the device you can check it out HERE.

Number 3 – Generic Android Box

Coming in at number 3 is essentially every generic android box on the market. Now there are some that could compete against the top two choices, such as the MiniX or the Beelink GT.

Unfortunately, the price of these devices make it impossible to put them any harder. As for the medium priced boxes, there are quite a few that have some pros and cons that can compete with any mid level streaming device. In this specific review I will be talking about the Pendoo X6 Pro. It is a device I have reviewed in the past, if you would like to check out that video click HERE.

Pros: Unlike the other devices on the list, Android tv boxes have a wide arrange of hardware specifications you can choose from. Majority of devices come with the choice of ram ranging from 1,2 and up to 4 GB and Rom storage can go from 8,16,32,64 and all the way up to 128GB of storage. We have a previous video which outlines the buying strategies we suggest when looking at devices here. The devices at their maximum are definitely worth of the number 2 spot, Unfortunately, I find the negatives that accompany them to be too high.

Cons: Unlike the Google Chromecast, android boxes run on cheap android mobile operating systems. Yes you heard that right, these devices never actually have an official running version of the dedicated operating system. This means that the big time streaming apps such as Netflix, Prime and Disney plus are a no go on these devices. There is still some mobile versions that can be installed, however the quality is 720p max and there are tons of issues using the interface. If you would like to learn how to install Netflix or others on Android box click here.

In summary, generic android boxes are great cheap options, usually running you roughly anywhere between $19.99 – $200.00 USD depending on the model you choose. Linked below is the android tv box that we suggest and any needed accessories! our recommended best android box of 2021 is the Pendoo x6 pro, we have it linked below, Pendoo X6 Pro.

Android tv box – https://amzn.to/3gW19HY

Keyboard remote – https://amzn.to/3gTVsdE

Extended storage – https://amzn.to/2PBE8ig

Number 2 – Firestick 3rd Generation

At number 2 we have probably the cheapest, most consistent streaming device on the market. This couldn’t always be said about the Firesticks. The first generation was quite slow, the remotes were iffy and installing 3rd party applications on it took forever. However, the newest Firestick 3rd generation and the Firestick 4K have seen great improvements. They can now compete with the best of the streaming world, making this one of the most powerful devices. Now lets get to what everyone has been waiting for, the pro’s and con’s of the Firestick 3rd generation.

Pros: The Firestick 3rd generation has had some major improvements from the earlier generations. Mainly, the remote which has gone from a useless piece of you know what, into a very functional remote. Earlier in it’s time the remote struggled to work from a decent distance now, the remote works no matter where in the room you are. On top of this, the new remote has extra buttons for quick change functionality. The device it’s self has seen major speed improvements. From my personal use it is not even close, the new Firestick is Twice as fast as the first generation.

Cons: This cons section is a little bit hard for me to do as there is very little to critique. The biggest issue with the Firestick is the time it takes to side load the device. The device doesn’t have conventional USB ports, so if you want to load it up via USB you will have to get a c-hub converter. If you don’t want to fork out for it, you can still set up your device. Following this video will be the quickest way to set up your device with android apps. With all the being said, I believe the worst issue with the new Firestick is the newest interface. This interface is confusing and slow. Do not worry! you can load a custom launcher which will make your device more enjoyable overall. Check out how to install Wolf Launcher HERE.

Purchase the new Firestick – https://amzn.to/3gTaHDQ

USB c-hub – https://amzn.to/331DhL1

Number 1 – Nvidia Shield Pro

Ok, can you really be surprised? If you are a long time streaming device user, than you know the Nvidia Shield is the king of devices. The multi use device has some many pros we wont be able to name them all. Originally, Nvidia was built from gaming however now a days it is more popular for it’s viewing capabilities. This device has it all, from fast internet connections to 4k viewing. Now lets get into this huge pros list and give you every reason to buy it!

Pros: The Nvidia shield sports one of the fastest processors on the market, combined with a dedicated Nvidia graphics card. The devices gaming capabilities is still widely used, emulators such as Retroarch can be installed in order to play games from all of the classic systems (super Nintendo all the way up to Nintendo Wii). With Nvidia gaming you can also access console classics such as Fortnite , Pubg and Apex legends. The Nvidia Shield is one of the only devices with a great, functional remote that actually has a voice feature that works. Most of the voice activated remotes have zero to no function, with the shield it can be used for a number of commands.

Cons: Price….Price……Price, unfortunately the Nvidia shield costs $199.99 USD for the pro model and around $169.99 for the lower tube model. Yes it is almost the price of a console, but with this device there will be little need to ever buy another one. Nvidia pushes operating system updates from time to time, making your device always up to date. The size of the device can be an issue for some people, personally I like the sleek look of the shield. However, some people like being able to easily hide devices behind the tv such as the Firestick or Chromecast.

Nvidia Shield Pro: https://amzn.to/3uas9HF

Nvidia Shield Tube: https://amzn.to/3nE7hWU

Hope you enjoyed our top 4 streaming devices of 2021.

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