In the first article of May 2021, we are going to hit you with the top accessories for android tv box 2021. If you are still running a generic Android box such as the T95 or the x6 pro from Pendoo, than you probably want to know how to improve the performance.

Now some of you may be thinking…why would I have a generic android box over cheap competitors like the firestick 4K or a power house like the Nvidia shield? Because of how many different kinds of android boxes there are out, devices tend to come with a wider array of specification options. This allows buyers more options in terms of modifications and gaming. If you are confused on what android tv box to buy, check out our buying guide HERE!!

Now with all the behind us, lets get into the Top 5 accessories for android tv box in 2021. No matter if it is to improve buffering, protect yourself or help your overall performance these must have items are cheap and easily used. Now lets go ahead and get into the best android box accessories.

Number 5 – Ethernet Cable

Yes, I know this seems like a really boring 5th pick, it might not even be an option for some people. But when possible, an ethernet cable should always be connected from your modem directly to your device. Using Wi-Fi can be iffy, often times a lot of devices cant use the 5G Wi-Fi connection in your home. That leaves you with only being able to access the 2.4G connection. This can already greatly lower speeds, on top of that devices often can only run internet up to 100mbps. Even with those speeds, often Wi-Fi can disconnect and have a weaker connection due to devices being on various levels of a home.

That is where an ethernet cable comes in! This simple cable running from your modem or router all the way to your device creates a stable, uninterrupted connection. That simple connections helps to improve performance greatly and lower the chance of buffering. On my own personal tests of the difference I noticed up to a 50mbps difference between WI-FI and ethernet, now that is amazing!!!

We recommend the Amazon Basic ethernet cable HERE

Number 4 – Extended Storage

So over looked, yet so very important for your Android box experience. I am sure some of you are aware of the pesky message you get “critical, storage running low.” Although this only seems like a nuisance, it is also decreasing the overall performance of your device. As your storage gets to full, you also start to use up more processing power of your device. Luckily, there is multiple ways for you to stop this on android box before it becomes a problem.

Every single android box will support both normal USB drives and external hard drives. With both you have to be carful whether it is a USB 2.0 or a USB 3.0, not every android box is compatible with android 3.0. Our recommended USB drive is the SanDisk USB, it comes in multiple different sizes and is a competitive price on Amazon! For external hard drive I have found it difficult to find one that works with every box, the best option I have found so far is the Seagate external drive. Lastly, not every android box is compatible with micro SD cards, check your specific device before purchasing.

Number 3 – VPN Services

If you have never used a VPN then you have at least seen them in advertisements while you browse the web. Yes, they offer you protection online by routing your IP address and making it seem like you have another geo-location. But how else can this help you with your android box? Well surprisingly there is actually a few different ways that a VPN can help you out.

Sometimes your internet provider can block certain websites or sources. This can cause you to get less links when streaming. Running a VPN can trick your provider, in return you will get links that you normally wouldn’t. In some cases different links can lead to different success rates of buffering. Services like Netflix or Prime video can also geo lock your location, this means you wont receive some shows or movies from other locations. Using a VPN will trick the service into thinking you are in that location, ultimately unlocking it!

VPN suggestion (Pure VPN): HERE

Number 2 – Gaming Controller

Coming in at the number two slot is a gaming controller. Seemingly, you would think there is a lot of options for gaming remotes. Unfortunately, a good chunk of existing gaming remotes do not work on Android tv boxes.

With that being said, most of the people wanting this accessory are users wanting to play classic games. No matter if its Mario or Mortal combat you can play a ton of classic systems on your Android box. Emulators such as RetroArch can let you play 1000s of Roms on your device, as long as it can handle it! If you would like to see a RetroArch tutorial video click HERE. For those of you that aren’t gamers, the gaming controller could still be a great asset! Using these controllers as a remote makes moving through your device a lot easier, ultimately leading to a more enjoyable experience.

Ps4 Controllers work well on most android boxes, HERE is the cheapest option on amazon. However your android box will need to have Bluetooth if you don’t want to run a long cord. For those without Bluetooth Ipega has some great controllers with USB receivers that can still allow for a wireless experience.

Number 1 – Keyboard Remote

YES YES YES!!!! If you have been using your stock remote, you are living in the past. The stock remotes that often come with Android Tv boxes are barley usable at best. The receiving distance is small, often you have to have a direct look at your device in order to use it. A lot of people probably have experience using the half moon shaped keyboards. In 2021 there are a few top models that offer a lot more than just the ability to scroll through an android box quickly.

Some of these new features include air mouse mode. This is a button you can pick to put a mouse on the screen, you can then move your remote around in order to move the mouse. If you want to check out a video on the top keyboard remotes in 2021 click HERE.

Top remotes

W1 Keyboard luxury remote

Q40 Top model Keyboard remote

If you would like to check out the full video on the top 5 accessories for android tv box you can click the link below!

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