Craving some suspense or a bit of horror? Maybe you want to watch a romantic sassy light-hearted binge? Edgy and intriguing more your thing? Well, how about a jam-packed action with superpowers perhaps? If so then I’ve got it covered. Here are the top 5 picks you don’t want to miss.

Top Pick: #1

The Woman in The House Across The Street From The Girl in The Window

Starring Kristen Bell – Series – Credit: Netflix

This is a savvy character portrait of life’s reality or is it. If you want to deep dive into dangerous territory along side of Anna then this is for you. It swoops in with a character you are invested in right away, but one you are trying to understand, even trust. This is teasingly like pulling the tiny end of a thread to see where it goes. Toss in slightly sexy nuances of lingering longing for something more in life, and to get away from the trap of obsession. She knows she needs to get away, you know you want to get away, but neither can. This relatable depiction ramps up our fears to find the truth. It’s a short series, with a good pace as you soak up the episodes, and can’t wait to watch the next. I can guarantee you will get a surprise in this.

Rotten Tomato Rating: 2.9/5

Top Pick: #2

SnowPiercer – Season 3

Snowpiercer Series – Season 3 – New Episodes – Credit: Netflix

Whirling through this plot of characters, is a raw portrayal of human distress in the face of pure survival instinct. This show will keep you up at night. It is packed full of gruesome clashes, plotting, and outright brutality to win the game – the game of staying alive. It’s a non-stop, don’t eat your popcorn or you will miss it, ride of your life. This season brings it, you thought the last two seasons had you squirming. Do not dare miss this. It’s for the thrill-seeker, action, plot-twisting, fast rider series lover. This one is golden. Don’t miss it. Pop comments below on your favorites too. Let’s keep these reviews lively.

Rotten Tomato Rating: 3.3/5

Top Pick: #3

Raising Dion – Season 2

Netflix Series Season 2 – TV Dramas – Credit: Netflix

This fast-paced action thriller, that the whole family can enjoy wastes no time drawing you in and making you want to carry the torch to the winner’s circle – every step of the way. The little boy, Dion captures your heart instantly. It’s every parent’s quest to protect and unravel the mysteries that put her son on a fast track of scary and uncontrollable events. The quest becomes uncovering the truth of the superpowers and trying desperately to keep them hidden…but for how long.

Rotten Tomato Rating: 2.6/5

Top Pick: #4

Sweet Magnolias – 2nd Season – Light comedy/Drama

Sweet Magnolias – Netflix Series – Credit: Netflix

Life’s loaded turmoil isn’t enough to keep these three friends down. Instead, it tosses them around with the audience on their side as they bravely fight to keep their chins up and overcome losing more than just themselves, but the very foundation they have worked so hard to build. Now what? This inspiring spirited group of three long-time friends helping each other while their worlds seem to be crumbling apart is so relatable and fun, you can’t help but not enjoy it. It is light-hearted, charming, and the inseparable friendship that gets these three friends through thick and thin makes everything seem okay in the end.

Rotten Tomato Rating: 3.5/5

Top Pick: #5

Witcher – Season 2

The Witcher – 2nd Season – Fantasy & Suspense – Action & Adventure – Starring Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan Credit: Netflix

If anyone likes a fantastical journey of character struggles, power beyond one’s control, and the everlasting allure of adventure this is an easy decision, watch it. You won’t be disappointed with the character-rich deep dive into everything dangerous and exciting. Fighting struggles within and about in a world that’s hard to make sense of is exactly what you will crave from this series. The 2nd season is literally just getting started, you get that sense as the plot gets fiery hot. The Witcher is no exception, we get a sense that he’s just getting started on his adventure, and we like that idea even more. Also, it is worth noting that this series is a Game of Thrones alike adult series, so I’d recommend mature viewership.

Rotten Tomato Rating: 3.3/5

Enjoy your series, no matter what you choose. If you are looking for a few fab movie picks don’t hesitate to click on this post for more.

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