June 2021 Filelinked Codes

Upgrade Guy always wants you to stay up to date with the top applications available. With Filelinked people get the ability to create their own app stores. This allows users to download and install multiple applications at the same time, making it a quick was for users to set up their device. Check out our videos below to set up Filelinked on your device.

Firestick Guide to Filelinked

Android Box Guide

Chromecast Guide

Linked below we have the top 3 Filelinked codes of June 2021. We rank these based on number of apps, how updated the applications are and the diversity of apps available on the store.

New Tech Filelinked store

Number 3: New Tech Store

If you are looking for a wide variety of applications to install, this very may well be the only Filelinked store you need.

Filelinked Code: 22222222

Pin: 9898

Amount of apps: 100+

The store itself is stuffed with tons of different categories of apps. It contains everything such as: Streaming apps like Netflix and Prime (Versions for Android Box), Live tv and movie apps. There are also tons of players such as VLC, Mx and alternative players to watch any content on them. Overall this is a great store, if it was categorized a little cleaner this Filelinked code & pin would be ranked quite higher.

To check out New Tech’s YouTube channel click HERE

Minix U22-XJ Google certified Android tv Box

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Pendoo X6 Pro Android Box

Nvidia Shield tv Pro

Luxury Keyboard Remote

Firestick 4K

ItrustStream Filelinked code June 2021

Number 2: I Trust Streams

One of the most up to date and clean cut stores out there. To be honest, one of the biggest issue with Filelinked stores sometimes is the number of apps inside of it. With I trust stream, the apps are nicely sorted and to the point.

Filelinked code: 3236431\

Pin: NO

Amount of Apps: 50+

Although a little more limited, sometimes it is easier to just have a code and pin that is straight to the point. It has all the basics that you are going to want plus some really good gaming and adult apps! Each time I visit this store I find something else that I have never heard of! Even with Years experience I am always learning and finding new apps to try. Each time I check it, all of the apps are up to date! Be sure to check out I trust Streams YouTube Channel HERE

Pure VPN – Secure – Fast – Reliable

Come on people…. it’s 2021, if you aren’t protecting yourself online what are you doing? With so many forms of cyber attacks now a day’s and the leakage of your data, there has never been a better time to get a VPN. Pure VPN is an affordable secure option to your online security, try it now for just 99 cents.


Stream & Tech NOW #1 Filelinked code 2021

Number 1: Stream & Tech NOW

Well, well, well….I am sure this is not the first time Stream & Tech NOW Filelinked code has been listed number one Filelinked store. Yet here it is, keeping the other Filelinked stores at bay.

Filelinked Code: 51829986

Pin: NO

Amount of Apps: 400+

As I alluded too, Stream and Tech NOW is constantly one of the top ranked Filelinked codes, and when ranking the June Filelinked codes I knew this would be number 1. It is jam packed with every kind of app you are looking for. Tv show and movie apps? No problem, it has you covered. Game emulators, Game Roms and other 3rd party app stores? It has every single one. I can’t even imagine the work that goes into Keeping up a Filelinked store this big. That is why we have Stream & Tech Now Filelinked store ranked #1 best code of June 2021.

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Thank you for checking out the top 3 Filelinked codes of June 2021. Every month on our YouTube Channel Upgrade Guy we check out all of the best codes for that month. Make sure to check out June’s best codes down below.


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