Best Free Channels for Roku

So you want free live tv on Roku? Unlike Android boxes, Roku devices such as the Ultra or Streaming stick cannot be side loaded the conventional way. This is due to Roku not using an android based operating system, and instead having their own interface. Although this can be seen as a negative, Roku devices actually have a very user friendly set-up and tons of legal free content for users to enjoy. Below is the top free streaming Channels on Roku for live tv, Shows & Movies. If you would like to watch our video on Roku Free channels click HERE!

Western Mania

If you want to know where to get all the classic western shows for free from the 60’s, 70’s and beyond, then western mania is for you! Western Mania has a large selection of old classic westerns. These includes tons of movies from John Wayne!!! You are probably wondering what is the catch? How can I legally watch these shows and movies free??? Easy!

Western Mania inserts some ads before you watch the movie or show, this allows the platform to remain completely Free!!!

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Sky News

Sky News is the next Channel for Roku TV streaming devices. Sky news offers tons of free live news content for viewers to enjoy. This includes Live news coverage from all around the United States. The quality of the coverage is often competitive with that of CNN, MSNBC and Fox.

You can also find tons of coverage for the United Kingdoms, this includes your most up to date football matches (or soccer if you are from North America). Make sure you give Sky News a serious consideration.

If you would like to check out Sky News official site click HERE

PBS Studios

One of the best free tv channels on Roku. The next Roku channel we highly suggest is PBS, if you are in the USA or love American news and TV this is the app for you! Unlike the other apps, with PBS you have to follow a quick account creation process. Don’t worry, this process is simple and takes minutes, but helps identify the content best suited for yourself.

During this process you will be able to identify the state in which you would like to see the news / tv shows from. For example, if I select Arizona, I will see PBS news and shows from Arizona. The great part is on PBS you can select as many states or change it any time to accommodate your needs!!

To check out PBS official website click HERE

Looking for an alternative to Roku?

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix has been around for quite a long time and does exactly as the title entails. It offers free movies and tv shows at just a click of a button, it is setup in a very easy Netflix like interface.

Much like Western Mania, Popcorn Flix has ads before, during and sometimes after the movie or show. These are relatively short and help to cover the licensing costs of the material the host. This makes this service completely legal! With that being said Popcorn Flix does have a wide selection of mostly B-list movies, You wont find to many Hollywood blockbusters in this app!

Popcorn Flix official website HERE

Tubi TV

The last Roku channel we will be talking about and by far the best one available is….Tubi TV!!! This one follows the same model we talked about with both Western Mania and Popcorn Flix. Unlike those Two Roku channels, Tubi TV has a wider arrange of content including popular shows and movies!!!

Content inside Tubi Tv includes many A-list movies, some only 4-5 years old. Everything is nicely organized and it has by far the cleanest interface. If you have children, no worries, Tubi tv has a locked kids mode. This mode has tons of free children friendly shows without the worry of them seeing inappropriate content!!

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