Spring into April with this top line-up of movies you must watch. We got a host of great actors as the number one reason to get the popcorn and hit the couch. We have Ryan Reynolds, Jamie Foxx, Toni Collette, Mena Massoud, Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, and even Will Smith. There’s a good mix of family picks here. Then we have some adult flicks, with a share of suspense and action too.

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Top Pick: #1

The Adam Project

Much anticipated this show delivers. It follows the main character Adam Reed, played by the talented Ryan Reynolds. We quickly gain a soft spot for the younger version of Adam. As well as the lovely Jennifer Garner playing Adam’s mom, who is struggling with raising a teenager and dealing with the relationships dynamics of ups and downs. Then there is the duo of super witty dynamics to carry us along the whole plot. The two pitted into a time-scaling action-driven drama instantly gets you into the show. It has comedy, character, it has heart. You’ll enjoy the portrait of life’s struggles, and the desires of changing time, wielding it to our own advantages – yet this has consequences. #theadamproject.movie

Rated PG-13 – family friendly show. 

Content & Rating – Parent Previews 

Rotten Tomato Rating: 3.9/5

Top Pick: #2

Love and Monsters

Instantly narrated right into the movie like sitting down to a tantalising novel, this story has tons of pizazz. The cast does an amazing job as we follow the lead character Joel Dawson, played by Dylan O’Brien. It’s a quest to find a lost love Aimee (Jessica Henwick), mixed with a furry friend that tags along making the show light and family friendly.

This is a journey, with fantastical elements that are unique and scary in countless ways. Being coached by Clyde Dutton played by Michael Rooker adds to the man-up style of their world full of dangers. This show is guaranteed to bug you as you are swooshed along. Definitely a good choice to lighten up the mood and just have a fun-to-watch evening.

Rated PG-13 – family friendly show. 

Content & Rating – Parent Previews 

Rotten Tomato Rating: 4.4/5

Top Pick: #3

Project Power

Slamming into this action driven plot, you don’t want to miss a minute of it. Jamie Foxx, playing the character Art who is on a quest to unravel where this “Power” comes from. He’s also trying to rescue his daughter. 

The savvy cop called Frank Shaver played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to weave in another dimension of character flaws and twisted motives to get his own justice. Soon the brave and witty Robin brings the show to a whole new level as she struggles through, played by the talented Dominique Fishback, she keeps us intrigued. 

It’s a driven plot, with characters, and action front and centre. This is a twist of will power, danger, and just setting things right that’ll keep you on this thrill ride that never gets old.   

Rated R

Content & Rating – Parent Previews 

Rotten Tomato Rating: 3.1/5

Top Pick: #4

The Royal Treatment

This is a sassy and oh-so-fun watch. It’s a fruitless love story, or so it would seem. Definitely not your typical romantic comedy. The main character Izzy played by Laura Marano, longing for adventure, not love, gets an opportunity of a lifetime job op. The show threads in the melancholy of being a Prince and also not being oneself, the character Prince Thomas played by Mena Massoud smiles his way into the spotlight enchanting the story with hope and the dream of a different future.

Whereas Izzy takes us wistfully into a world she cares deeply about and it’s a fanciful story most will enjoy. Her frolicking and dreamy wishes though, soon proves to be her biggest loss when she has to return home. Yet, sparked with new determination decides to change her life. And she does that, with a special sparkle in someone’s eye no doubt.

Rated PG-13 – family friendly show.

Content & Rating – Parent Previews 

Rotten Tomato Rating: 2.6/5

Top Pick: #5

Get Hard

Looking for an easy flowing plot, silly, and raunchy with sly humour, then none other than Will Ferrell and Keven Hart to the rescue. This show has some real-life society troubles that are nuanced throughout. Will Ferrell playing James brings you on a fight to be better and in this case prepare to go to prison. Hiring a coach, as he believes has been to prison to prepare for his incarceration. Kevin Hart, steps up to the role model character, playing Darnell. If you want a lazy weekend watch this fits the bill.

Rated R * adults

Genre: Comedy

Rotten Tomato Rating: 3.2/5

Bonus Pick to Watch:

Black Crab

Errie and utterly spooky this is a journey you want to sink into, and you are feeling chilly as you embark with the main character, [  ] played by the talented Noomi Rapace. It’s a thriller that has good plot and mystery. 

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