It’s 2022 so why not make your DVDs digital

The pandemic made us appreciate our DVD collection even more. Yet, it’s 2022 and we need a solution to the mass of shelves, dusty DVDs, and no way to organize them. It’s time to digitise your collection. So why not change your DVD into Mp4!

Why bother, there are streaming options you say. Well, true and countless streaming options to be exact, Netflix and Disney being the biggest. Those fees are not cheap. In order to get the shows that you want to watch or the new releases you end up subscribing to multiple sites since each has their own selection, so it soon starts to feel like a waste of time and money.

In addition, it’s impossible to organize your shows to save the ones you want to watch easily. You can end up adding to your favourites list, but you have to then go back and search your favorites list to re-pick a show. It can be frustrating. It would make sense the we change our DVD into MP4 Copies.

Plus, some top shows you pay close to the cost of owning a DVD and you can only watch once. How about try this and make your life simple again, let’s dive into how to change your DVD to MP4.

What is WinX DVD rip software?

WinX DVD is the solution you need. Save yourself from a headache and simply rip the DVDs to make a digital copy. We all have our DVDs sitting on the shelves or maybe in boxes, but it’s not very efficient to pull out a clunky DVD player. Then there is the switching of diskettes to watch the next episode. And if they get scratched, you can be out some bucks. Exactly why you need a solution. 

Once you copy your DVDs, you can literally take the movies wherever you are, on the road, by the beach, to the park. You can click and play them easily, organize them, declutter, you name it, WinX is great. Also, it has good ratings over others that are complicated to use or potentially virus ridden sites or links that are tricks. 

Never lose ripping time, where it stalls half-way through, takes countless hours, or simply crashes like other DVD Rippers on the market – this one is the best choice.

How does it turn your DVD into MP4?

Well, first of all it’s very simple. You download it right to your computer and you can do so by going to the WinX DVD’s website at this link:

Follow along with my video down below for how to download the software and you are ready to go.

Why not trial it out and see how well it copies the quality – it’s impressive, virtually no issues with the copy in terms of sound, motion, and coloration. Just a word of caution though that this should be for personal use only.

What do I use it for?

Go ahead and use WinX DVD ripper to simply copy them. First, you declutter, you can rename the titles on your computer, and you can even put them in folders by genre.

Also, why not share this idea with your friends. They probably have good DVDs too, and

feel just as frustrated, about the mountain of movies taking up space.

What does it cost?

For the whole year it’s $29.95. That works on one PC and is the basics or in this case a Lite License.

However, you can get a lifetime license, which is an amazing deal, you never have to worry about renewals or not having the capability on your computer to just plug in a DVD and save it. This is cheaper than buying one DVD. Even if you stick with the free version, PC mag on their website rates it at the top of the list for picks. Simply saying The Best Free DVD Rippers – that’s WinX by far.

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