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Walmart is releasing a brand New ONN Streaming devices… But it doesn’t get better

The ONN Streaming stick is a success

A few years back, Walmart released the ONN Streaming stick, a compact competitor to the Firestick and Google Chromecast TV. Although the ONN stick was not nearly as powerful, it was priced at one of the cheapest price points for a streaming devices. This instantly made the ONN streaming stick and box two of the most popular devices. The streaming stick was the 1080p version, it looks like we have updated information on a new stick.

What is the new ONN streaming device?

Earlier this year the new 4K streaming box was released. This had very minor upgrades from the original device, mostly just a small processor change. However, there was no upgraded streaming stick that was launched along side with it. We now know why this was. It has been announced the Walmart will be released a new 1080p ONN streaming device, but it’s not a stick. Instead they have decided to release a second ONN streaming box.

This new ONN streaming box is likely to include very similar specs to the new 4K device including the new remote. However, apart from that no meaningful changes are likely to come. The device will likely cost around $5 less then the 4K version, making it very affordable. As pointed out by AFTV news, this is most likely being done to save costs. I would not be surprised if both the 4K and 1080p boxes share the exact same shell.

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