MOBDRO…. What happened!!!!!

Just like Covid-19, Mobdro shutting down hit the streaming world like a bullet to the heart. Mobdro was a third part application that gave users access to 100’s of free channels from across the globe. Although legally questionable, the service ran un opposed for nearly six years before police raids shut down the application. Like all of you, I am sure you want to know if the End – Users of Mobrdo could potentially seek prosecution. The answer to this is unlikely No, in most cases the users are simply streaming material. Big corporations goals are to shut down the big players, that will trickle down and stop a wide amount of streaming. The big question however, is Mobdro coming back?

If you would like to learn more about if streaming is legal In the United states Watch our video here:

Is there a fix for Mobdro?

As of April 25, 2021 There is no Fix for Mobdro, but that doesn’t mean you are out of luck! Below is some similar apps that may perform the same functions as Mobdro.

Live Net TV

Live net is another strong standing app that has been out for years just like Mobdro. Livenet TV gives you access to tons of various categories from across the globe. Much like Mobdro the Legality of these third part applications, use your own discretion when installing.

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Swift Streamz apk is one that has not been around for much more than a couple years, but seems to be a steady app. Unlike LiveNet tv, Swift is a little less organized and doesn’t seem to respond as well on the android Operating systems. With that being said what people care about the most is the functionality of the free IPTV app. From what I have heard, it is a very consistent app for users!
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Whenver you are streaming online or just browsing the web we highly suggest you use a VPN to protect your sensitive data. VPNs are cheap protection for any online attacks or players trying to get into your data. It can also hide your location (IP address) and put your location somewhere else in the world. This can give you the potential to enjoy other countries geo-locked Netflix service.

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MOBDRO…. is it coming back???

Like most of these third party applications, They can be shut down and simply cloned into a similar application. But unfortunately for Mobdro, it is not that simply when they are running servers in order to stream live tv. Once these illegal IPTV services get shut down they typically do not come back. With the case of Mobdro I believe it will follow suit.

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If you would like more information on what Happened to Mobdro check out our full in depth video on the shut down.

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