If you have been using streaming devices for years or even if you are new to it, than you have probably been introduced to Kodi at some point.

Now usually when the word Kodi 19 gets brought up, automatically people think of third party illegal streaming. However there is a lot more too Kodi than just third party apps that let you stream any show or movie. In this article we are going to go over a few commonly asked questions regarding Kodi.

What is Kodi 19?

What does Kodi do?

Why are websites / Companies silencing Kodi?

Is Kodi legal?

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What is Kodi 19?
What is Kodi 2021 & how does it work?

What exactly is Kodi? Well that is a lot simpler to answer than you may think. I like to compare Kodi to the Android operating system, Open source…Built by the community. Although there are big companies and developers that work on these things, it is a collection of community members that builds add-ons for Kodi to be used. The beginning years of Kodi were under a former name XBMC which stands for Xbox Media center. Basically the earliest forms of Kodi 19 were just meant as media storage place which allowed you to keep all your online dvd copies, music and photos in one easy to search location. So in 2021 what has Kodi 19 evolved into and what does it do / used for today?

What Does Kodi 19 Do?
Kodi 19 some features as listed on Kodi.com website

Well it does a lot more than you actually think. In the earliest days of Kodi (I mean in 2014ish) Kodi was most famously known for streaming online content for free. This was done through community members who made third party addons which allowed users to scrap the internet for links to specific shows or movies. These Kodi Addons were essentially a search engine for specific video content. Since than Kodi has become infamous for the overwhelming source for free streaming live channel IPTV and the ability to stream any show or movie. This sort of ability has given Kodi a bad name by many content publishing websites such as Facebook or YouTube and has drawn a target on it’s back during legal discussions around streaming and pirated content. Kodi 19 has evolved quite a bit, now offering users a ton of customization options and even letting you game through classic emulators for systems such as Super Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System and even Mame. I guess that begs the question, why are publishing sites such as YouTube and Facebook banning the word Kodi from their platforms.

Have you been using Kodi or other third party applications?

No matter what the law is or what you do online, your data is always being tracked in 2021. This means important information of yours can be leaked to be sold to the highest bidder. In 2021 a VPN should always be used, this helps mask your location and protect your online presence.

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Why is Youtube Age-Restricting Kodi Content
Kodi has been flagged by YouTube and Facebook…Making it almost impossible for content creators to make videos on the topic.

Yes you read the correctly YouTube and Facebook have been censoring the K word…and it has actually been happening for longer than you suspect. Starting in 2020 YouTube started to age restrict any content that has the word Kodi in it, as well even if you say Kodi multiple times in a video it can be flagged for removal or restriction. This makes it so content creators can not make any money from the topic and risk recieving strikes on their YouTube account (which can lead to permanent deletion.) Although this doesn’t seem like a big deal, it leads on to the stigma that Kodi 19 is illegal and shouldn’t be allowed to be used. Why would a company as big as Facebook and YouTube do this? well the answer is quite simple…..Money, Money and more Money. Who are some of the advertisement companies that pay YouTuber and Facebook? well none other than Streaming subscriptions, cable companies and content creators, all who want to suck in as much money as possible. This means it is in their best interest to ensure the information regarding third party streaming stay to the minimum. Now a huge question I always get, is Kodi 19 legal to use in 2021?

Is Kodi 19 legal to use in 2021?

Now into the juicy topic that all end-users want to know about Kodi 19, is it legal for me to use in 2021. Well of course it is! As we previously discussed Kodi 19 is simply an open source application that allows users to do what they want with it. Yes, Kodi 19 really has gotten a bad name. If YouTube and Facebook block something such as Kodi 19, why does Android not get the same bad rap? Now of course Kodi 19 can be used for illegal content as well, the legality of streaming material may change depending on the country you live in. In the past I have done videos on these topics, you can check them out below. If you would like to watch the Full video on what Kodi is check it down in the link below!

Is Streaming legal in Canada 2021?

Is streaming legal in the USA?

Is IPTV safe to use?

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What is Kodi 19?

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