With the recent release of the Onn Pro 4K streaming box, Walmart now has 3 affordable models for streamers to choose from. These simple streaming devices with Google OS built in, allow for a cheap option to use popular streaming apps. Let’s take a look at which Onn Streaming device is the best fit for your needs.

Performance Differences in the Onn Streaming devices

On paper, the Onn pro box is by far the most powerful, however the tests don’t show that increase.

Onn Pro 4K box$49.99

  • 4K Resolution Uhd
  • Google tv Android 12 OS
  • 32GB Storage
  • 3GB of Ram
  • Dolby Atmos and Vision
  • Quad-core Cortex-A55 CPU
  • 10/100 Ethernet Port

Onn Streaming 4K Box$19.99

  • 4K Resolution Uhd
  • Google tv Android 12 OS
  • 8GB of Storage
  • 2GB of Ram
  • Dolby Audio
  • Quad-core Cortex A35 CPU

Onn Streaming Stick $14.99

  • 1080p Resolution
  • Google tv Android 12 OS
  • 8GB of Storage
  • 1.5 GB of Ram
  • Quad Core Cortex A31 CPU

Both Onn streaming boxes offer up to 4K resolution, where with the stick you are limited to 1080p. Each model includes an increase of ram, the streaming stick is limited to 1.5GB which is on the lower side, including the slower CPU. The biggest draw of the Pro Streaming Box is the Increase storage. To have 32GB of internal gives you more then enough for all your streaming apps and even some games.

Operating System on the Onn Streaming Devices

These devices run the Google TV OS – which is just a different version of Android TV 12. Just after the release of the Onn Pro 4K box, Android tv 14 was officially released. This new version has a bunch of extra features that can help improve the performance of your device.

Android TV 14 new features announced

Unfortunately, it looks like all of the Onn devices will continue to stock Android TV 12. Typically these devices will not get OS version updates post release, although it can happen in some cases. One of the main features of Android TV 14 is the boost in performance on low ram devices, the Onn Stick and box would benefit greatly from this.

Device Design and Extra Features

Each Onn devices has a slightly different design and unique features. The Onn pro box really brough some great new features only available on this devices.

Onn Pro 4K Box Features

Onn pro 4k streaming box

The Onn pro box comes with a great new redesign, with an outer fabric and new built in Ethernet port + USB. The Onn pro box has a premium design compared to the others.

  • New remote finder button on the front of the device.
  • Built in Google assistant speaker + mic
  • Google assistant mute feature

Onn 4K Box Features

Onn 4k Streaming box

The Onn 4K streaming box is a much cheaper option and doesn’t include any premium features. The outer shell is a very cheap plastic, however this device is just meant to be a basic streamer. No frills. I prefer the external HDMI port this device has compared to the stick.

Onn 1080p Streaming Stick

Onn 1080p Streaming stick

The Onn streaming stick is the cheapest option, the outer shell feels like a discount firestick. However at $14.99 it is hard to be picky. This device has a built in HDMI port, some people prefer this style however it is one more thing that can go wrong.

Which Onn Streaming Device Should you Buy?

Personally, I would say ignore the stick, at only $4.99 of extra savings it is less powerful. The 4K box priced at $19.99 is by far the best deal, in fact AFTV benchmark tests only showed a slight performance increase in the new Pro model priced at $49.99. If you want the extra bonus features of the Onn pro box it is quite a good device. However most people will prefer the hidden cheaper model that comes in at $19.99.

If you want to learn more about your Onn streaming device, we have built easy learning modules for your Onn device. Completely free for you to check out.