Roku Pro Remote 2 is Finally Here

The Roku pro remote has always been a great upgrade from the regular stock remote that comes with the systems. However there was some features that most certainly needed improvement. The Roku pro remote 2 is officially on sale in the US. Roku has addressed some of the major missing features and improved on some of the old ones. Let’s go over what exactly has been changed in the new remote.

Increased Battery Life

Roku has greatly increased the battery life by increasing the size. This gives the new Roku pro remote up to 50% longer battery life. They claim this will last over 3 months on a single charge! Super impressive.

Switch to USB-C

Nothing I hate more then USB Micro. The previous model relied on USB micro for charging, however not the Roku Pro remote 2. Users can now charge with USB-C, With most devices changing to this form of charging, this is a welcomed change.

Backlight now available

Roku has now added a ambient backlight that activates with motion. When you pick your remote up you can expect it to automatically brighten up. Way better for a dark room experience when watching a movie.

New Button Changes

The Roku pro remote 1 had access to two customizable shortcut buttons. However with the 2nd edition Roku has replaced one of those buttons with a brand new guide button. Users can still customize one extra app for a shortcut, This is now a Rocketship button. The new Guide button takes users directly to the live tv section on Roku.

I personally think these are welcomed changes. In fact, I think the Roku pro remote is a much better after market remote then the Fire tv pro remote. Right now you can get it directly on Roku’s website in the US

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