Streaming apps are raising prices, IPTV services are getting shut down and Netflix has started restricting password sharing. These are just some of the topics we keep you up to date with to ensure you can maximize savings and keep yourself protected while streaming online.

Netflix Password Sharing Explained

Netflix is the first streaming company to start restricting the ability to share your password with friends and family. Previously, Netflix has actually endorsed this practice, however it seems to be digging into profits too much. Find out how they are blocking password sharing.

BEWARE these 3 IPTV websites are a scam

Every once and awhile I like to give my opinion on specific IPTV topics on there. So much IPTV news is littered with false information or bad break downs. Today I wanted to talk about a few websites in an article I was sent from IPTV wire.

Massive IPTV Hosting Shut Down

IPTV has been on a down turn overall over the last 3 years. Not that the concept of IPTV is dead, However the strict shut down of these third party services has become regular. ACE and MPA have been working hard to shut down as many options as possible. This is not changing recently with another major shutdown of sites and platforms.

Netflix Makes Another Bad Move

Netflix has made some major moves over the last year. Raising prices, Password restrictions and adding an Ad- Supported Tier. Despite all of these moves being profitable, they aren’t done just yet. Netflix has just made another move that will help line their pockets.

Major IPTV exploit makes it FREE without a login – Over 1000 channels exposed

Sky group has been one of the biggest targets towards piracy services. They own a TON of content and multiple different services and has spent millions trying to stop any form of piracy. However it seems when one is right under their nose they cant seem to fix it. Today we break down the story of IPTV decryption keys and what exactly happened.

Amazon RUINS Prime video with Major pricing and ad change

Amazon is making everyone default to the ad supported tier and unlocking will cost an extra fee. This extra fee will be charged if you own a prime membership or you are just buying it separate. Users can expect this to increase in the next 3+ years as well.

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