Android based streaming devices

There are 100’s of Generic Android tv boxes on the market in 2023. This can be anything from the basic MXQ android box to more popular ONN streaming devices. With so many available it can be hard to decide what to buy. Down below are a number of reviews / tutorials to help you out with basic issues.

How to set up a generic Android TV box

This is a complete guide on setting up a generic Android tv box for the first time. These are the no name brand devices that come in all sorts of different specs and Android versions.

How to speed up and improve Nvidia Shield TV

Quick look at how to change up some of the Nvidia Shield TV settings to improve speed and performance. If you struggle with understanding certain settings this is a great place to start.

Mouse Toggle Install Guide for ONN Walmart box

A mouse toggle is a useful app that pops up a moveable mouse on your screen controlled with your remote. This is useful for certain apps where you may not be able to click certain areas. This usually happens if it is not compatible with a certain device or OS version.

Comparing 3 different generic Android Boxes $$$

A spent 500$ on Android tv boxes and this is what happened. With so many generic devices out there it is hard to decide which ones to buy. The cheap ones, expensive or SUPER expensive.

Reviewing the 2023 ONN Streaming Box

Walmart has released its 2023 version of the ONN streaming box. This popular device came out during the pandemic and became an affordable option for all. Usually with new devices we can expect some serious upgrade however that really isn’t the case here.

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