What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Every device that connects to the internet has an IP address, think of this as a digital address. When we search something online, our request is sent to a server, which then brings back the information from the requested page. During this process our IP address can be exposed to hackers and more of our information can be leaked. A VPN creates a tunnel, our data is first sent to their servers. They then send the request under a unique IP address from a country of your choosing. Most paid VPN’s such as Express have a no log policy. These means they never collect the data of websites you visit or what you do online.

What is a VPN and do I need it for Streaming?

VPN’s are advertised all through out Youtube and everywhere you go online. The real question is though… Do I need a VPN while streaming? In this video we will break down everything VPN related and how it benefits you and how it doesn’t. What are the positives and negatives of using a VPN and how does this affect you.

Unlocking Paid Streaming services using a VPN

Some streaming services such as HBO Max may only be available in some countries. Using a VPN can both allow you to use that service in ANY country. But you can also get a cheaper price by purchasing it in a country with lowest subscription price.

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