Google has finally released a version of its streaming service that will operate in HD at 1080p at 60 fps. Chromecast HD currently sits at a price of $29.99, which sets the streaming device apart from Firestick Lite and Roku Express.

Chromecast HD or 4K, What’s Different?

When deciding between Chromecast HD or 4K there are some notable changes to Resolution, CPU, and RAM. Below is a summary of the specs for both Chromecast HD and Chromecast 4K.

Chromecast HDChromecast 4K
Resolution1080p4K Ultra HD, HDR
CPUAmlogic S805X2Amlogic S905X3
Video SupportHDR10, HDR10+, HLG, AV1 video decodingDolby Vision, VP9, HLG decode, HDR10, HDR10+
Audio SupportDolby Digital, Dolby Digital+, Dolby Atmos via HDMI pass-throughDolby audio pass-through mode
Connectivity 802.11ac WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz), Bluetooth802.11ac WiFi (2.4 GHz/5GHz), Bluetooth 4.2
PortUSB Type-C PowerUSB-C for Power/Data
Device ColorSnowSnow, Sunrise, Sky
Snow (white), Sunrise (Pink), Sky (Blue)

A couple things that haven’t changed are device size, internal hard-drive (8GB) and remote.

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How does the different CPU affect the Chromecast HD?

The Chromecast HD is running Amlogic S805X2 CPU with four Cortex-A35 cores and a Mali-G31 MP2 GPU. With the 4k version sporting a Amlogic S905X3 CPU there is a noticeable difference in power when interacting with Google TV’s interface. This downgrade means users can expect a performance difference between the two models.

Chromecast, Firestick or Roku?

Amazon and Roku have bundles that include remotes but neither have TV Power controls like Chromecast (Roku has volume control). Although the Chromecast remote has not changed since its release in 2020, the fact that it contains both TV Power and Volume Control on the remote places it ahead of the pack for $29.99, even with sales and promos by Amazon.

Is the New Chromecast TV HD Worth Buying?

The easiest answer is….NO. This new device is a major downgrade compared to the 3 year old Chromecast TV 4K. Despite it being slightly more affordable, It has old components packaged as a discount device. However the only discount you’re getting is a downgrade in performance. Taking a look at this article comparing the Single and Multi core use of the Chromecast TV hd and other devices, we can see just how bad of a downgrade it is. Despite being more expensive than the ONN Walmart device, The price difference doesn’t add up to the change in performance.

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