Kodi 21 Omega Now Released

The Most recent versions of Kodi, 21 Omega has officially been released. That means it is now ready to download and install on all Fire tv and Android based devices. The new version comes with new performance, security and build features. Upgrading from the previous version Kodi 20, these changes will bring noticeable improvements to your current build.

Installing on Fire TV Devices

Let’s go over how to install Kodi 21 Omega on your Fire tv based devices. If you prefer video style, we have our latest video linked down below.

Search and Install Downloader from the Amazon app store. Downloader is a popular app created by AFTV News. Improved from other browser apps, Downloader automatically prompts installs from APK files. Making the Install process easy and quick.

Head to the My Fire TV section in settings.

Click on the About section.

Hover over your device name. This could be Firestick, Fire Tv or even Fire TV Cube. Click on it 5 times until it says you are a developer. Click back once to head to the previous menu.

Now you will see developers options, click on it.

Select Install Unknown Apps.

Toggle Downloader on, This will allow it to install unknown apps. Now let’s install Kodi.

Now open downloader form your apps, in the search bar type in the code 773820. This is the downloader code for www.upgradeguy.com/downloads .

Now we are on the download page, scroll down until you find the Kodi section.

Find Kodi 21 Omega 32BIT version, click on it to get to the download page.

Click the big grey download button, this will automatically pop up the install file.

Now the download progress will start.

Lastly Click install when it pops up.

Before you Open Kodi

As a seasoned pro streamer I always aim to keep my online activity hidden. Turning on a VPN will give you that extra layer of protection. We have one of the best deals possible for IP Vanish linked down below. Make sure to activate it on your Firestick before you start install builds.

Now go ahead and open up Kodi and Enjoy!!