Unfortunately for a lot of android box users, the official version of Netflix is not compatible with the majority of these devices. This is due to the devices running off of a mobile version of the android operating system. Now, although it can be frustrating, there is still a way that you can get a working version of Netflix on your android tv box. The downside is the version of Netflix you install will not be a 1080p – HD quality, most of the streaming will be in 780p. The plus side, it is a mobile version of Netflix. This means that you can download shows on your device unlike the usual official version. So lets get into how to put Netflix on a android box!

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Step 1

First you need to find the browser on your device. This is usually in the form of Google Chrome. Click on the browser and open it up to complete step one! If your device does not have a default browser, go to the play store (app store). From here you can search up other browsers such as Puffin or Firefox.

Step 2

Go to google and type in “Aptoide Apk” this is the android version of the Aptoide store. Aptoide is just a third party app store, it has application that can not be added to the official google play store. The great part is that it has versions of Netflix that works on android tv box. Click on the first link in your search result.

Does Disney and Prime work on Android tv box? Yes you can use Disney plus and prime on your android tv box through Aptoide as well!

Step 3

Click on the download button inside of the website. From there you will be brought to another page. You will then have to press download one more time. Your device may prompt you to allow permissions. To do this, just press settings, and allow permissions from the browser you are using.

Step 4

Some devices may start installing Aptoide right away, if the is the case you can move to step __. If your Aptoide didn’t install, move back to your apps menu, from here find the “File Browser” or “File Explorer” app. click on it and open it up.

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Step 5

Once inside click on Local Memory –> then scroll until you find the download folder –> Inside the download folder you will finally find the Aptoide APK file. Simply click on it and press install!!

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Step 6

Now that you have the Aptoide store installed, it is time to finally install Netflix, Disney plus or Prime. Full disclosure, this method has worked for me on 90% of devices. However, I can not guarantee that this will work on your system. Once inside of the Aptoide store, go to the search bar and look up the application you would like. I suggest clicking on the first one on the list.

Step 7

Once you are inside simply click install. You may have to allow permissions one more time if it asks. Other than that it should just take a few seconds to install!

Step 8

Sit back and enjoy. The version of Netflix you installed on your Android tv box is actually a mobile version. This means you can download episodes for later use, if you will be somewhere without internet. If you are going camping or taking a motor home somewhere, this is a useful hack you may want.

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