The new Onn Walmart Pro box has been released. This is the newest version of the Onn which has previously been known as a budget friendly device, coming in at $19.99. However that seems to not be the case with the newest model. With a price tag of $49.99 Walmart has more then doubled the price of the previous models, but made some noticeable upgrades

New Onn 4K Pro Box Improvements

  • 3GB of Ram (Up from 2)
  • 32 GB of Storage (Up from 8)
  • Added Ethernet port
  • Added USB port
  • New Fabric outer shell
  • built in device voice assistant
  • New Remote
  • Find my Remote Function
  • Android 12

Now that is a huge list of improvements. All of these features can already be found in other devices, however at a $50 price tag isn’t necessarily the case. Judging by the specs, this thing should be super fast and everything new streamers want. However after looking through AFTV news benchmark scores of the current device, that really isn’t that case.

Comparing the Onn Pro Box to Firestick devices

I did not think the Onn pro box would out perform the Firestick Max an established device. However I did expect it to at least out perform the previous models and maybe even the lower Firestick devices. This was not the case.

Benchmark Scores Via

As we can see from this Chart taken from AFTV News, The Onn pro box fell short of even the 2021 model in terms of speed. Now, not by a lot but any lower speeds are surprising. I will say this could improve with software updates down the line, but not a significant amount most likely. In terms of the Firestick vs the Onn pro box, The Firestick destroys the Onn box in terms of performance. With the new price tag of $50 I did expect the Onn box to take a significant jump and rightly compete with more of these other devices.

With all that being said this is a physical device, not a stick. It has a ton of features even the Firestick Max does not offer. New competition is always welcomed, however I would hold off purchasing the new Onn pro model until reviews have a chance to try it out for a longer period of time.