What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. In basic terms, this is any live TV that runs through the internet instead of the traditional over the air method. In the last 5 years IPTV has become extremely popular, however most users don’t truly understand what is legal and illegal. There are two main categories of IPTV 1) services that pay for all the licensing rights to the content 2) Services that don’t own the rights. Down below I will break both down, including the risks and benefits of both towards the end user, which is you.

Third Party IPTV Services

I call them third party services because that is what they are typically referred too. In general these services are considered illegal, however it really isn’t that simple.

Most of us have seen an offer like the one above “10000 live tv channels for $10” an offer that would be impressive even in the dearly 2000’s. Now in 2023 it seems almost unfathomable to pay that little for live tv. These service simply run on their own servers, typically hijacking the live feeds of content owners.

Is IPTV illegal in 2023?

That is a tough question to answer. The main bosses running the company are definitely at risk of getting arrested including anyone selling the services. But, how about for you, the end users? The answer isn’t quite as simple. Depending on your country, which for me is Canada, you won’t receive more then a slap on the wrist (According to current cases known). Even in the United States, we really don’t hear of any users getting in trouble. However, in the United Kingdom there has been stories of more harsh punishments for simple IPTV third party use. Take what I say with a grain of salt and please do your own research for your current country of residence.

I am currently using IPTV, what should I do?

Chances are you are probably fine, however for complete ease of mind I suggest connecting a VPN during use. Express VPN is a great option and super affordable. My subscribers can also try it for 30-days with a money back guarantee (Try free for the first 30 days) This works on all your devices including Firestick’s and Android tv boxes.

Legal Major IPTV Providers

For the last 5 years, companies such as Sling tv has started offering IPTV that is available on most major devices and browser. This legal option has become widely popular, however the price reflects the content ownership. Some legal services currently operating are:

That is a small list of 20+ Services that exist. The downside is with the completely legal tagline, comes some serious pricing. Most of these services will resemble prices closer to classic cable, which for most is not affordable in today’s economy for most.

What should we use?

This is the age old question that every user will have to figure out for their own. On my YouTube channel “UGT” I often talk about how companies set themselves up for these third party services to run. They continue to charge outrageous prices for normal people to be able to watch content.

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